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Paweł Kabziński (creator of Paweł’s Monastery Maps and The Stone Tower Inn by Paweł) has unleashed their chillingly beautiful collection of winter forest battle maps, ready to transport your campaigns across frost-kissed landscapes.

The Winter Forest maps range between a massive 42×42 to 55×55 in size, with each map offering opportunities for both exhilarating exploration and chilling encounters! You can find the link to Paweł’s captivating maps at the bottom of this page, as well as a collection of our assets used in creating them!

Paweł’s passion for map-making never fails to leave us awestruck, and you can witness some of their other works on Instagram: @painting_miniatures40. Thanks for your submission, Paweł!

From Paweł:

Winter forest is a map created to role battle between army patrol and wild people. Players take on the role of patrol guards of a military camp. The game master plays the outpost of the wild cannibal people, their accompanying goblins, and the beastman commander. The wildlings live in the camp, the goblins live in a nearby cave, and the beastman visits the outpost from the forest.

Player characters patrolling the area may hear the screams of the tortured person. The beasts have broken up the previous patrol and are now playing with their victims. Players can try to rescue the poor guy, hoping to surprise the enemy, who, however, has a numerical advantage.


You can use the button above to download Paweł’s Winter Forest Maps, and I have listed many of the map asset packs used below. You can also find many more on our Map Gallery.


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  1. Nice maps and scenario. Keep on the Borderlands vibe, with a nice shift that makes the fort vulnerable and hands the GM an immediate, visceral hook. Great drop in.

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