The City of Rowding

A system-neutral setting for modern-day games, full of gangsters, corporate intrigue, and just a little bit of weird.


In Walls That Talk, Part 3 – The Second Floor

The third part in the adventure through the haunted MacHale Manor. Can the party find all the clues and uncover the truth?

Troy McConnell

The Xenoforming of Walpurgia

Welcome to Walpurgia, a system-neutral adventure setting designed to introduce a splash of sci-fi into a fantasy campaign.


Block 82 – A Mausritter Adventure Setting

A Mausritter adventure setting revolving around a theater, where cultured mice scrabble and scavenge just out of sight of human society.


The Four Masters – Kawaryu, Master of Water

Meditating in the bamboo glade is Kawaryu, the Master of Water. He awaits any challengers who would face him and his three fighting forms.

Troy McConnell

Graythorn & Greenbriar

Bring your players to explore Graythorn & Greenbriar, a forested system-neutral region filled with woodland animals and charming townsfolk.


Crushed Atop the Cliffs – Colossal Crab and Sahuagin Encounter

A group of sahuagin are about to attack a town with the help of a monstrous colossal crab. Can the party stop them and free the crab?

Troy McConnell

The Kaspary Steppes

A system-neutral fantasy adventure setting consisting of wide open plains, giant creatures, and nomadic peoples.


In Walls That Talk, Part 2 – Entering the Manor

The party enters a manor said to be haunted, yet nothing happens. What awaits them in the house and what might they find in its many rooms?

Troy McConnell

How To Play with an Isometric Grid

How to use an isometric grid on Roll20, in three steps, and accomplish the charming perspective of Final Fantasy Tactics!

Ross McConnell