Troy McConnell

Troy McConnell

Troy McConnell

Part-time DM and author of 2-Minute Tabletop’s encounters, map lore, and characters.
Basically, I write about all the campaign ideas that I don’t have time to run. All with the assistance of my feline familiar, Wink.
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Frozen Forge battle map - Banner 2

Forge at the Frozen End

A location, character, and magical items for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Battle map and tokens included! A towering pillar stands at the frozen edge of the world. Enormous chains hold it in plac
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Shipyard (23x16) Base Map, Day

The SHIPYARD Battle Map

The busy shipyard of a prosperous port city. These docks bear much cargo ready to be loaded, and a small warehouse holds even more. These docks are inspired by the harbor of Saint Denis in Red Dead Re
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Hillside Cave (banner)

How to Run a Cave Adventure

Our cave encounters are done but we’re not in the clear yet! Running the connective moments and making full use of the environment is just as important for a cave adventure as the encounters themselve
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Cultist Lair Fantasy Dungeon Map - Banner

The Cultist Lair Dungeon Map

This month’s mini-dungeon is my Cultist’s Lair which, now that I’m looking at it, looks rather like a night club… Well, lair or night club, I hope that its rooms provide your players with plenty of
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10 Cave Encounters

The shadows pressed down like weighted yokes, filled with the dusty age of untouched caverns. Thick, damp air clouded the party’s lungs as they clung to the light of their torches. Their eyes flashed
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Tiling Grass Texture - Banner

Tiling Grass Textures

The sky was clear and blue, hemmed by the gentle swaying of the forest trees. It was a window into a serene expanse of warm, summer air, that danced with flickering rays of the setting sun… Thi
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Luminescent Cave battle map, banner

How to Run Kobolds

Snap. The tripwire releases and a blade swings, narrowly missing the group of adventurers. They instinctively dodge to either side. Click-click. The scout and knight freeze as sections of ground depre
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10 Kobold Encounters

A distant skittering echoes through the cave. Small, clawed footsteps guide the travelers as they move deeper, huddled in the temperamental light of a single torch. The creatures they were pursuing we
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How to Run Goblins

An arrow flies out of a nearby bush, surprising the group’s navigator and bringing him to his knees. A barrage follows before the travelers can move to react. Some manage to raise their shields or cat
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Snake Den RPG Battle Map - Featured Image

The Snake Den

Troy and I sat down a few days ago to design a unique “micro-dungeon” for his upcoming article. I don’t want to give too much of it away yet, but suffice to say we settled on this winding tunnel; the
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10 Goblin Encounters

Trees and shrubs surround the party as they travel, imprisoning them in forest walls. The odd chirp or rustling sees the travelers pivoting to respond, their weapons drawn. But, despite their anxiety,
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10 More Jungle Encounters

Miles of tangled plants stretch in every direction. Moisture fills the thick air. Every sound, every rustled leaf or rippled pond, could be another threat, camouflaged but watching. The jungle itself
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