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Uchideshi's Hex Tiles Auto-Layer Mod - Guide battle map - Banner - Large

This is a step-by-step guide to installing and using Uchideshi’s “Order Objects For Hex MapsMod. This guide assumes you have both Dungeondraft and our Hex Tiles Pack already installed. For our guide on installing Dungeondraft and importing our packs, visit this link!

Step 1.

Follow This Link to the mod page and hit the download button. Save the file where you can most conveniently access it such as the Desktop or Downloads folder.

Guide Image - Download Step 1

Step 2.

Next, you’re going to have to create a “Dungeondraft Mods” folder inside your Documents folder. The Documents folder can usually be found in your left-sidebar. Once you have navigated to the Documents folder, right-click> New > Folder, then name it “Dungeondraft Mods” like the example image below. Then extract the zip folder you downloaded and open it, copy only one of the internal folders, the first “OrderObjectsByYPos” is for Windows users, and the folder located inside _MACOSX is for Apple users. Drag the appropriate one into your newly created Dungeondraft Mods folder.

Step 3.

Now open Dungeondraft and make sure your application is up to date, you can see if an update is available in the top right corner, “update-to-date” means you have the latest version. Now click the Mods icon located in the top bar and browse to your newly created Dungeondraft Mods folder.

Next, you simply need to tick the box next to your newly installed mod and click “Accept” which will close your Mods box and your new mod should now added to your user interface!

Step 4.

Click on the little notebook icon in your left sidebar (where your Object Tool is stored), then click on “Order By Y Position”, lastly click “Enable Ordering” to “On”. IMPORTANT: You will need to come back to this menu to click “Order Objects” to activate the automatic layering. Now you’re done with this part of the guide and your hex tiles should now order themselves by height!

Guide Image - Before 1
Guide Image - After 1

Now as you can see, the auto-snapping tool within Dungeondraft doesn’t line up our tiles properly, to fix this we have to install an additional mod kindly provided by Hieronymos.

Step 5.

Once again you’re going to follow This Link to the mod page and hit the download button. Repeat steps 1-3 of this guide with the new mod.

Guide Image - Download Step 5

Step 6.

This mod is located under “Settings” instead of “Objects”, make sure it is Enabled and set to Presets – “1/4 Tile (64px)” or “1/8 Tile (32px)”, this comes down to preference and what works best for you. Now grow (or shrink) our hex tiles so they’re about x1.48 (or x0.74) object scale.

Guide Image - Size Settings Step 6

And voila, your hex tiles should now line up neatly and you have a handy tool to layer them automatically! (Again, feel free to mess around with exact sizing and tile snapping to whatever feels most comfortable so you can create world maps with minimal effort!)

A huge thanks to both Uchideshi and Hieronymos for supplying these extremely useful mods and saving our community a lot of effort! You can follow Uchideshi’s work and support him on his Reddit Page.

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