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This guide aims to teach you how to import custom assets into Dungeondraft and how to access them within the software.

I aim to keep this guide simple, so I will not go into how to create or prepare raw assets for import, only how to use the .dungeondraft_pack asset packs that I provide.

If you do not have any of these asset packs yet, please take a look at my Dungeondraft packs, most of which you can try for free.

Importing Custom Assets into Dungeondraft

Our goal is create a custom asset folder, tell Dungeondraft where to find it, and then activate our asset packs.

1. Create your custom assets folder

Create a new folder anywhere on your computer where you would like to store your asset packs. The name and location do not technically matter. We’ll call this your “custom assets folder” for the rest of this guide.

I chose to call my folder “Dungeondraft Custom Assets” and placed it in my Documents:
C:\Users\Ross\Documents\Dungeondraft Custom Assets

You may also want to create a shortcut to this folder for your desktop. To do so, right-click the folder, select Create Shortcut, and move the shortcut that it creates to your desktop.

It’s not advised to put your custom assets folder in your program files, as this may lead to crashes and asset packs failing to appear.

2. Store your .dungeondraft_pack files

Move all of the asset packs (.dungeondraft_pack files) that you intend to use to your new custom assets folder. If you haven’t got any assets yet, you can click here to browse my collection of Dungeondraft assets.

My custom assets folder looks like this.

3. Activate the custom assets in Dungeondraft

The final step is to boot up Dungeondraft and activate these asset packs.

  1. From the menu at the top of the Dungeondraft window, click Assets. The Custom Assets panel will open.
  2. In the Custom Assets panel, click Browse, navigate to your custom asset folder, and click Select Folder.
    The contents of the .dungeondraft_pack files you stored will now be listed in the Custom Assets panel.
  3. Click the check-box next to each asset pack you wish to load to enable them.
  4. Press Accept in the Custom Assets panel to activate your enabled asset packs.
Before clicking accept, my Custom Assets panel looked like this.

Depending on your computer, loading too many asset packs may slow down Dungeondraft or even cause it to crash. If you experience any of these symptoms I recommend disabling any asset packs you don’t need in the Custom Assets panel.

Using Custom Assets in Dungeondraft

If you have followed the first part of this guide, you are now ready to begin using your active asset packs in Dungeondraft.

Some of my content may appear in the Terrain brushes, but you will find the large majority in the Object Tool. These assets will appear at the bottom of the Library > All panel on the right side of the Dungeondraft window, but I recommend you navigate them by using the “2M” (2-Minute) tags in the Tags panel on the left:

Our “2M” object tags make sorting through your library much easier

Congratulations. You’re now ready to start map making!

I hope that this guide and the content I have made serve you well and you go on to create maps that amaze your players.

If you enjoy my style and just want to have it all, I’d like to humbly suggest my Everything Pack which, as the name suggests, contains all the maps and assets available on this website of mine, including all of the Dungeondraft packs, at their cheapest available price. More info…

Your support is what helps me keep making these, and is guaranteed to put a grin on my face. 🙂

Before You Go

If you have any questions about licensing, which includes any Dungeondraft maps made with my assets, please check out my FAQ.

If you enjoy my content, you’ll want to be notified when I upload something new. Please come join us on social media, or subscribe to my email newsletter! I aim to make a new map or asset pack once a week. 🙂

For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that makes these maps possible:

That’s all for now! Please leave any feedback or questions in the comments below and, if you are interested in more of our content, please enjoy some of our recent articles below. Farewell!

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About the author

Ross McConnell

Artist and DM, I draw the maps, record the videos, and write the articles here at 2-Minute Table Top. It's my ideal creative outlet, and it's all thanks to you!

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  1. This is great. Thanks as always Ross. One thing folks should keep in mind is the first time you add an asset is to make sure you activate it before you open a map, that way it becomes activated by default for every map from that point on.

  2. This was exactly what I needed for today, thank you Ross! I do have have a question though. Is there a way to change the name of custom assets in Dungeondraft? All of the 2-Minute Tabletop asset packs I have added to Dungeondraft just have numbers for names. It is sometimes hard for me tell what an asset is without a descriptor attached or to search for specific type of thing I need.

    1. I second this request. Your assets are great, and mesh perfectly with the default Dungeondraft aesthetic, which makes it all the more frustrating when you search for an object like “chair”, but none of your chair assets populate!

    2. Also related – in point 3 it was mentioned to activate only assets relevant to a map. It is still a bit hard to me to tell which assets comes from which pack still. Maybe filename can mention that fe: this pack generally is used for dungeon/ocean/tavern etc?
      (so far thankfully my machine works fine when I import all 2minutes assets at once, but there is probably little point in having all the pack is DD pane)

  3. Hey!
    I just would know what I need to download dugeondraft on my PC. I used the “dungeondraft.net” for purchase but there was some invalid info messenge (don’t know why)

  4. I’ve just purchased some assets from you here, and when I unzipped them they don’t contain .dungeondraft_pack files. Where do they come from?

    1. Hi Leann, and thanks for your support! You should see them listed as “Dungeondraft Pack” files listed amidst your Downloads. They’re no longer packaged inside the “Master ZIP” files, as their file sizes are significant and not everyone uses them.

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