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Welcome to 2-Minute Tabletop, a website dedicated to enhancing your tabletop RPG with resources created by passionate artists and game masters. Chiefly, we have hundreds of maps & map assets in our gallery and, more recently, we have been working on random encounter charts and how-to articles.

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Beginners Guide to Dungeondraft Custom Assets - Banner

Dungeondraft Beginner’s Guide

A three-step beginner’s guide to importing custom asset packs into Dungeondraft using the hand-drawn “dungeondraft_pack” files we provide.
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Foundry VTT Beginner's Guide - Banner

Foundry VTT Beginner’s Guide

This guide aims to explain how to get started with custom maps, assets, and tokens on a fresh install of the Foundry virtual tabletop.
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Roll20 Beginner's Guide

Roll20 Beginner’s Guide

How to import our hand-drawn battle maps, assets, tokens, and other art into Roll20. Designed for those new to the Roll20 virtual tabletop.
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Recent Content

We’re constantly releasing new art and articles on our blog. Here are our most recent posts:

Mining Town map - Banner preview

The Mining Town Map

This fledgling mining operation shares the mountainside with a bathhouse and inn. This unlikely combination makes the frigid location quite bearable! Skip to the downloads? I have been itching to draw
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What’s New This October

Good morning everyone! It’s a blustery day here in our corner of Australia and a fitting start to the spooky month. I hope you’re all in good health reading this and are excited for some TTRPG content
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Frozen Forge battle map - Banner 2

Forge at the Frozen End

A location, character, and magical items for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Battle map and tokens included! A towering pillar stands at the frozen edge of the world. Enormous chains hold it in plac
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Frozen Forge battle map - Banner

The Frozen Forge Battle Map

An ancient pillar teeters at the edge of the world, suspended by titanic chains of unknown origins. Skip to the downloads? I drew this fantastical battle map as part of the recent Shards of the Storm
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