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Welcome to 2-Minute Tabletop, a website dedicated to enhancing your tabletop RPG with resources created by passionate artists and game masters. Chiefly, we have hundreds of maps & map assets in our gallery and, more recently, we have been working on random encounter charts and how-to articles.

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We’re constantly releasing new art and articles on our blog. Here are our most recent posts:

RPG Hero Tokens 2, banner

The 2-Minute Token Editor

The 2-Minute Token Editor is my tool for creating custom tokens for virtual tabletops (but you’re also welcome to print them!) It is a constant work in progress and may not work perfectly or on all br
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Cultist Lair Fantasy Dungeon Map - Banner

The Cultist Lair Dungeon Map

This month’s mini-dungeon is my Cultist’s Lair which, now that I’m looking at it, looks rather like a night club… Well, lair or night club, I hope that its rooms provide your players with plenty of
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10 Cave Encounters

The shadows pressed down like weighted yokes, filled with the dusty age of untouched caverns. Thick, damp air clouded the party’s lungs as they clung to the light of their torches. Their eyes flashed
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Karl's Galleon Banner

Karl’s Galleon Encounter

Karl Kristian S. Bambini’s Galleon deserves the spotlight this week. He has constructed it to be multi-layered, 3-dimensional, laminated, AND it actually stands up! He has surely surpassed my own abil
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