The Everything Pack

Our Complete Collection of Maps & Assets

Get your hands on hundreds of fantasy maps and assets and support the artists (such as me, in the photo) and the nine years of work put into this pack.

I am an aspiring artist who began this blog as a place to share my obsession with D&D battle maps. Eight years later I have quite the collection! Each map is hand drawn or created with hand-drawn assets. So, despite the great variety, there is a consistent style that ties them all together.

Ross McConnell


$360 $70

The most cost-effective way to immediately access our complete collection.
This is a one-time purchase; there are no monthly fees.

Maps Built for Every Style of Play

Whether you play online or in-person, we have you covered. I often jump between Roll20, Foundry VTT, and a real table, so I know the ins-and-outs of using battle maps in both settings!

My goal is to make map printing a 2-minute process (true to my site name) so, printed or virtual, you should be ready in no time…

Easy to Print

I make maps to be printed on a budget. Though you CAN take these and get them printed on a huge sheet of poster-grade paper, I don’t usually have that luxury!

My maps generally print on four or more regular sheets of paper, and most even come with an ink-efficient line art option!

Virtual Tabletop Files

Don’t worry! We have more than just PDFs. Each map and asset comes ready for the virtual tabletop. They’re optimized for Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds – just drag and drop!

With thousands of individual map assets (carts, barrels, tents, etc.) and even map building blocks (city streets, dungeons, tunnels, etc.) you can bring your imagination to life in this hand-drawn style.

More on this below!

Just Some of the Maps You Will Find Inside

I can’t show them all right here obviously, but here are a few of our ready-to-play battle maps…


$360 $70

The most cost-effective way to immediately access our complete collection.
This is a one-time purchase; there are no monthly fees.

Enthusiastic Feedback

There are plenty of people who are using 2-Minute maps and assets today, Including about 3,000 supporters on Patreon!
Here is what they have to say:

Assets to Make Your Own Maps

Do you enjoy the lovingly hand-drawn style, but can’t draw a tree to save your life? Or, more likely, you want to create a beautiful custom map without hours of effort?

Well, you’re in luck! It just so happens that my other passion project is a library of assets for just that: making custom maps. Whether you use Dungeondraft, Wonderdraft, Photoshop, Gimp, Roll20, or any other map or image editor, we have assets ready to be imported.

Here is a small preview of what you will find inside this Everything Pack…

What Exactly You’re Getting in The Everything Pack

Here is a breakdown of the kind of content I have created over the past eight years – all of which you can download today…

  • 360 hand-drawn fantasy maps and assets, including…
  • Battle maps ready for play – you just need to plan a fun encounter
  • “Set Pieces” such as inns, towers, and sailing ships that you can overlay on a larger battle map, such as a city street, forest clearing, or ocean surface
  • Map assets such as dungeon walls, seamless textures, objects, trees – create just about any map you can envision, with one consistent hand-drawn style
  • Region maps such as islands and continents that you can drop into your world, or even plan a whole campaign around
  • A huge collection of asset packs for Dungeondraft and Wonderdraft
  • Everything Pack Contents - Vertical

    And, in addition to all this, my thanks! You are personally funding the creation of even MORE maps and assets as I continue to pursue this odd passion of mine.

    These will all be emailed to you for download. The downloads are separated into annual volumes and file formats for your convenience and better download stability. After that you’re ready to print-and-play – or drag-and-drop if you’re playing on a virtual tabletop!

    Get Instant Access

    Thank you for making it this far! You’re about to make one aspiring artist very grateful. Just choose your desired pack (below) and we will email your download links to you.
    Still have questions? Please check out my F.A.Q. at the bottom of the page!

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    Ross McConnell

    The Everything Pack

    $360 $70 USD

    • 360 map and asset packs, including…
    • Digital files for virtual tabletops
    • Printable files for tabletop play
    • The Pay What You Want Dungeondraft collection
    • The Wonderdraft collection

    The Everything Pack Plus

    $600 $150 USD

    • 360 map and asset packs, including…
    • Digital files for virtual tabletops
    • Printable files for tabletop play
    • The complete Dungeondraft collection
    • The Wonderdraft collection

    PLUS the Patreon collection...

    • A huge collection of map assets extracted from our recent battle maps
    • A huge collection of map variants, such as seasonal and weather effects

    → Click here to browse the Patreon collection

    Yes, we now have an Everything Pack Plus! With the recent addition of our new map packs we have split the Everything Pack into two levels in order to give you more control over your purchase.

    The basic Everything Pack contains all of our basic maps & assets, and the new PLUS level contains all of that plus all of the map variants and assets currently contained in the new Patreon reward map packs, which you can browse here. Think of the Plus pack as our all-included “definitive edition” that will catch you up to present.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a few more questions? Hopefully I have answered them below!
    If you are still unsure about anything please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Will I get access to future content?

    Please think of the Everything Pack as a DVD box set – we release one "Volume" of maps & assets per year, and the Everything Pack is a compendium all of the Volumes we've made right up to today. It does not grant endless access to all the art we hope to make in the years to come, as we plan to do this for a long, long time! (That said, the most recent Volume in your Everything Pack will continue to be updated until it is complete at the end of the year.)

    Want to keep your collection up to date? You can do so by purchasing our discounted Volumes, by downloading each new release individually, or by pledging on Patreon. Our volumes are priced at $1 per map/asset pack, but individually you can opt to download our Pay What You Want items for free. These are are a competitive alternative to a Patreon subscription, which starts at $1+ per map/asset pack, but please note that our "Plus" level volumes are still being worked on!

    Do these include the Dungeondraft and Wonderdraft asset packs?

    Indeed they do! All of the Dungeondraft and Wonderdraft assets that I have to offer can be found in these packs. You can preview them all before you make your purchase below:

    What is the difference between the Everything Pack and the ‘Plus Pack?

    The basic Everything Pack contains all of our basic maps & assets, and the new Plus level contains all of that plus all of the bonus maps and assets currently contained in the new Patreon reward map packs listed here. These Patreon rewards can alternatively be unlocked with a pledge of $5+ per map on Patreon.

    Are these all digital files?

    Indeed, these are all digital downloads. You will need to utilize a virtual tabletop or print them yourself.
    We have a cheap, everyday-printer guide on how print our maps on four regular sheets of paper on our Printing Guide.

    Where will I get my downloads?

    Your download links will be emailed to you, so please take care when entering your email address, and please check your spam folder if it does not appear at first. You may also choose to make an account (check “Create an account” in the checkout form) and access them on your My Downloads page at any time. If you have made an order as a guest before, you can make an account now with the same email address and your past orders will be synced!

    Do these include the Token Collections?

    No, with few exceptions, the Everything Packs contain our maps & assets, and the Token Collections contain our tokens – they are separate categories that we've tried very hard to price fairly.

    The Everything Pack predates our tokens by a few years and was made when all we created were maps and assets, and that's the reason for the awkward naming scheme. Sorry about that!