The Token Collections

Thousands of Tokens Immediately At Your Command!

Tokens to inspire your next player character, encounter, or entire campaign, all squeezed into a (very cramped) ZIP file. These collections contain the entirety of our token artists' work at 2-Minute Tabletop – years of daily effort – all adding up to thousands of digital miniatures.

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Dragon Lich Token


$0.02 / TOKEN

This is a one-time purchase; there are no monthly fees.

Our Tokens

Davy and Fairbanks joined the team as our dedicated token artists in 2020, and since then they have been furiously drawing almost every day. It's all added up to several thousand tokens (exact numbers below) which we offer on our Token Editor, in our articles, on Patreon – and now, in these definitive bundles.

Each tokens in an individual PNG files ready to be drag-and-dropped into your virtual tabletop of choice, or printed out and made into a paper miniature.

The majority of them are of player characters, NPCs, and other humanoids. On top of those, there are countless beasts, monsters, fiends, and other colorful creatures mixed in.

Finally, this product is still growing! We're constantly hunting down creatures that we're missing, and your downloadable file will continue to grow until the end of the year as we update it month-by-month.

Just Some of the Tokens You Will Find Inside

I can’t show them all right here obviously, but here are a few of our ready-to-play tokens. (Click to see the full size!)

Organized to Inspire

Know you want to put your players up against an undead, but you're not sure what kind? Just dive into your new 'Undead' folders and see what catches your discerning eye!

File Structure Visualization

Want to explore your whole collection, all at once? Just enter "png" in your file explorer's search bar! Your computer will show them all in one (very large) list!

Search Tip

Easy to Edit

Each token is named after its Token Editor counterpart, so you can plug their filename into the Editor to custom-color them!

With this tool you can:

  • Change skin, hair, and clothing colors to create your ideal player character
  • Create a variety of outfits for the same character
  • Switch the color of dragonborn, tieflings, genasi, and other colorful ancestries
  • Create ghostly, spectral forms of any given token
  • And more functionality coming in the future!
Token Editor Example


$0.02 / TOKEN

This is a one-time purchase; there are no monthly fees.

Community Feedback

Our tokens have a small but enthusiastic fan base from around the world! Here is what some of them have to say:

A Generous Price

Why $0.02 per token? We want to offer an affordable price and pay our artists well. At two cents per token, our collections add up to about the price of a new video game...

Much of what we make on this website is released for free, as we want to include the members of our community going through college, living in countries with weak economies, or who otherwise don't have a lot of disposable income. (The more people who enjoy our art, the better!)

We also believe in accepting support from those who love our work and can afford to do so, and so we offer bundles such as these. This strange business model seems to work out well for everyone.

If you like the idea of a huge token library AND would like to support our efforts to create more tokens and more Token Editor functionality, these collections are for you!

Switch Game Illustration

This is just for illustration – no Switch game will be included in your download! 😉

Get Instant Access

Thank you for making it this far! Just choose your desired pack (below) and we will email your download links to you. Still have questions? Please check out my F.A.Q. at the bottom of the page!

Fairbanks + Davy's

$114 $90 USD
20% discount – 5,739 tokens

– OR –
David Wilson's Token Collection Banner


$59.52 USD
– $0.02/token –

2,976 tokens and counting!

143 Aberrations
244 Beasts
45 Celestials
163 Constructs
24 Decorations
7 Deities
55 Dragons
47 Elementals
61 Fey
73 Fiends
39 Giants
1,643 Humanoids
148 Monstrosities
37 Oozes
66 Plants
8 Spells
173 Undead

Hammertheshark's Token Collection Banner


$55.26 USD
– $0.02/token –

2,763 tokens and counting!

29 Aberrations
90 Beasts
2 Celestials
182 Constructs
6 Decorations
21 Deities
42 Dragons
9 Elementals
61 Fey
42 Fiends
11 Giants
2,071 Humanoids
59 Monstrosities
6 Oozes
8 Plants
1 Spells
123 Undead

Token Collections Gift Card

Fairbanks + Davy's

$114 $90 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few more questions? Hopefully I have answered them below!
If you are still unsure about anything please do not hesitate to contact us!

Will I get access to future tokens?

Just like our Everything Pack, these collections will be updated until the end of 2024, and then be released in yearly volumes. In other words, your downloads will be supplemented with more and more tokens as we release them in 2024, and then you will have the option of adding a 2025 bundle to your collection to continue. (Alternatively, you might support us on Patreon.)

How will I receive my downloads?

Your download links will be emailed to you, so please take care when entering your email address, and please check your spam folder if it does not appear at first. We also recommend creating an account (check “Create an account” in the checkout form). With an account, you access your downloads on your My Downloads page at any time.

(If you have made an order as a guest in the past, you can make an account now, with the same email address, and your past orders will be synced! Guest orders will not be automatically synced with existing accounts though.)

Are these included in the Everything Pack?

No, the Everything Pack contains our complete collection of maps & assets – sorry for the confusing naming scheme; the Everything Pack was released a few years before we ever started drawing tokens!