The Token Collections Gift Card


The complete Davy + Fairbanks Token Collection bundle.

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The Token Collections – thousands of tokens immediately at your command!

Tokens to inspire your next player character, encounter, or entire campaign, all squeezed into a (very cramped) ZIP file. These collections contain the entirety of our token artists’ work at 2-Minute Tabletop – years of daily effort – all adding up to thousands of digital miniatures.

Purchasing this item will send a virtual Token Collection gift card to the recipient of your choosing. They will receive an email on the date you specify instructing them how to redeem and access their new token library.

It’s an excellent birthday, Christmas, or out-of-the-blue gift for your DM!

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Worry not!
If the they already own the Token Collection or they buy one before the delivery date then please contact us for a full refund on unredeemed gift cards. 🙂

Please note that this is a virtual gift card delivered via email, and no physical component will be shipped.

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$70 Basic Pack, $150 PLUS Pack