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Dungeondraft is a popular map-making tool. An image editor like Photoshop, but specially designed for top-down battle maps. By combining our assets with Dungeondraft it’s possible for you to create maps in my hand-drawn style using nothing but your mouse and keyboard!

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January 23rd, 2024

The following Dungeondraft packs have been updated with new tags and tools. If you are the owner of an Everything Pack or Volume, these can be found inside the Volume 6-8 files.

  • Free Packs. Furniture Map Assets, Celestial Temple, Medieval Building Map Assets.
  • Plus Packs. Sinister Spider Pack, Wizarding School Great Hall Pack, Fairy Glade Pack, Thermal Mines Pt.1 Pack, Thermal Mines Pt.2 Pack, Frozen Forge Pack, Mining Town Pack, Furniture Map Assets Pack, Sci-Fi Industrial Interiors, Sci-Fi Industrial Interiors Pack, Celestial Temple Pack.

Previous updates (click to expand)

October 3rd, 2023

  • Volume 9 (2023)
    • Free Packs. 1900s Misc Map Assets, Battle Damage Assets, Colossal Snail, Food Assets, Grand Mage Tower, Monster Bone Map Assets, Tree House, Twilight Tavern, Wonderdraft Space Symbols
    • Plus Packs. 1900s Misc Map Assets Plus, 1900s Misc Map Assets, Battle Damage Assets Plus, Battle Damage Assets, Colossal Snail Plus, Colossal Snail, Farmer’s Field Plus, Food Assets Plus, Food Assets, Goblin Camp Plus, Grand Mage Tower Plus, Grand Mage Tower, Hedge Maze Plus, Knotroot Cave Plus, Megaflora Grotto Plus, Monster Bone Map Assets, Natural Stone Bridge Plus, Painted Tundra Plus, Rocky Fissures Plus, Scattered Islands Plus, Shattered Sky Plus, Sinister Woodland Plus, Temple of Sages Plus, Tree House Plus, Tree House, Twilight Tavern Plus, Twilight Tavern, Underground Sanctuary Plus, Wild West High Street Plus, Wild West Saloon Plus, Wild West Sheriff’s Office Plus, Wild West Train Station Plus, Wonderdraft Space Symbols Plus, Wonderdraft Space Symbols
  • Volume 8 (2022)
    • Plus Packs. Arena of Earth Plus, Banshee Bridge Plus, Landing Pad Plus, Medieval City Streets Plus, Rocky Desert Plus, Sewer Pipes Plus, Shipyard Warehouse Plus, Stone Quarry Plus, Winter Wilderness Plus, Wizarding School Grounds Plus

November 12th, 2022

  • Sci-Fi Industrial Interiors Pack. 84 OBJECT assets representing different room shapes and colors for industrial/modern interiors. 1 WALL asset following the same pattern as the rooms, for internal and custom walls. 1 PATH asset copied from the wall asset for curved walls.
  • Shipyard Warehouse Pack. 15 OBJECT assets for clutter and windows objects. 3 WALL assets for bridges and exterior walls. 2 PATH assets copied from the walls for curved structures.

October 15th, 2022

  • Dungeon Wall & Floor Assets. 5 PATTERN textures for dungeon floors, replicated as TERRAIN brushes. 34 OBJECT assets for doors, windows, rubble, etc. 3 WALL assets for external and interior wall and floor curb, replicated as PATH assets.
    Dungeon Wall & Floor Assets Pack. Base pack + 33 PATTERN textures for dungeon floors, replicated as TERRAIN brushes. 272 OBJECT assets for doors, windows, rubble, etc, tagged by color theme. 17 WALL assets for external walls, interior walls and floor curbs, replicated as PATH assets.
  • Medieval Building Map Assets and Medieval Building Map Assets Pack tweaked so that the WALL assets are more user-friendly.

September 24th, 2022

  • Medieval Building Map Assets.146 OBJECT assets, 12 WALL assets, properly adjusted for tiling, 2 PATTERN (floor) assets, 1 SIMPLE TILESET from the floorboards tiled asset.
    Medieval Building Map Assets Pack. Base pack + 18 OBJECT assets for the building interiors.
  • Sci-Fi Map Assets. 192 OBJECT assets, with an additional 77 recolor-able variants divided between lights, metal and features, 2 PATH assets for wiring and flexible pipe assets.
    Sci-Fi Map Assets Pack. Base pack + 12 more OBJECT assets for the ship interiors.


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