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The Everything Pack: Our Complete Collection of Maps & Assets
Gift your dungeon master 354 hand-drawn maps and assets from 2-Minute Tabletop, at a huge discount! Inside, printable and digital downloads from years of work spanning from 2015 to present day!

Purchasing this item will send a virtual Everything Pack Plus gift card to a recipient of your choosing. They will receive an email on the date you specify instructing them how to redeem and access their new 2-Minute Tabletop library.

It’s an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for your DM, whether you play online or in-person!

Worry not! If the they already own the Everything Pack or they buy one before the delivery date then please contact us for a full refund on unredeemed gift cards. 🙂

What’s in the Everything Pack? A complete run-down.
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Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please note that this is a virtual gift card delivered via email, and no physical component will be shipped.

The Everything Pack Tiers (Basic and PLUS)
With the recent addition of our new map packs we have split the Everything Pack into two levels in order to give you more control over your purchase.
The basic Everything Pack contains all of our basic maps & assets, and the new PLUS tier contains all of that plus all of the bonus maps and assets currently contained in the new Patreon reward map packs. Think of the PLUS pack as our all-included “definitive edition” that will catch you up to present.

Everything Pack Tier

$70 Basic Pack, $150 PLUS Pack