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We’re excited to share a map created by our own Vladir Winters! Inspired by a Miscellanea Tabletop Battlemaps design, Vladir crafted this map for their personal campaign using many assets from 2-Minute Tabletop to give it our signature flavor. – You can find the packs they used in the download section below!

These stunning rooftop maps, each a pleasant 16×16 in size, were designed to be paired with a slightly customized version of our Temple of Sages map (Jade variant)! The cellar, intended as a makeshift prison by the players in Vladir’s campaign, offers a cozy 8×8 space (playable area is technically 6×6).

Thanks for sharing with us the maps you’ve created in your spare time Vladir! Be sure to check them out on instagram: @vladir.winters and also support their future artwork right here at 2-Minute Tabletop!

From Vladir:

“Several years ago, I used an excerpt of a battlemap—”Overgrown Tomb” by Miscellanea Tabletop Battlemaps—for a makeshift pyramid roof in my campaign. I’m currently running the campaign a second time, and decided to recreate the set piece excerpt using 2MTT assets! This way, I have a set that matches better the art style of what I’m using underneath the pyramid: The Temple of Sages – Jade variant (modified for “underground/under the pyramid” by removing windows and adding stairs). Atop the pyramid is a device the players finally find and destroy, as it’s altering the flow of the world’s mana, killing plants and weather patterns in the region. (Credit to Obsidian Dawn for the Arcane Circles brushes.) Afterward, the temple’s spirit goddess restores the area, so the map has before & after versions. 🙂 In true 2MTT fashion, I did make this map on the day I was to run the game, in ~1.5 hours.

I also created a cellar! (It is my new favourite map!) This cellar specifically pairs with the Temple of Sages – Jade variant. It has the same lighting tone & floor textures. (Shoutout to it being my favourite variant of that map. Green/orange tones in my mind are “peas and carrots” colour, literally and in every sense of the phrase.) I made this cellar because I have a knight NPC who was very naughty, leaping out of the astral plane trying to kill a player character for unrelated plot reasons on the temple roof; I needed a set piece for my players to potentially imprison him, now that he’s subdued. Since a temple probably wouldn’t have a prison per se, the cellar storerooms suffice as a makeshift prison.

Shoutout to Connor’s Ruins of Xibalba map pack & the almighty barrels from Ross’s Dwarven Burrow!”


You can use the button above to download Vladir’s Rainforest Temple Rooftop & Cellar Maps, and I have listed many of the map asset packs used below. You can also find many more on our Map Gallery.


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