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Paweł Kabziński (creator of the Paweł’s Monastery Maps) recently wrote to us with another gorgeous battle map. With his permission, we have gathered it here for you to download – links at the bottom!

The Stone Tower Inn is a 20×20 castle map that stands 5 stories tall (not to mention the basement) and provides comfortable quarters for adventurers to stop and get their long rest in supreme comfort.

You can find Paweł on Instagram: @painting_miniatures40. Thanks for your submission, Paweł!

From Paweł:

The stone tower on the road between the Empire and the Arabs was built by the Bretonnians returning from a crusade. The tower in its history has been conquered, burned and destroyed many times. Its strategic location meant that it was always rebuilt. The tower was initially slender, over time it expanded into the form of a fort, a small castle.

The neighborhood is safer now. The city was built to the west of the tower and to the east of a village. The tower is controlled by a group of mercenaries: “Mercenaries of the Stone Tower”. In addition to swords for hire on the dangerous trail, they also run an inn, which provides them with a steady income. Peaceful rest on a dangerous trail is included in the price.

The tower consists of a ground floor and three usable floors and a fortified roof. In order from the ground floor to the roof are located: dining room with kitchen, games and dances floor, guest sleeping floor, mercenary floor and defensive roof.

The inn is very popular. The local population organizes festivals and gatherings in its shadow. There is no safer place around.


You can use the button above to download Paweł’s Stone Tower Inn Maps, and I have listed many of the map asset packs used below. You can also find many more on our Map Gallery.


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