Fort Foul Luck – Castle Battle Map

A sturdy castle built on a foggy hill, with 44×32 maps ready for print and VTT. What gives it its name? Roll some dice here to find out!

Ross McConnell

The Wizarding School Great Hall

Immerse your players in our 32×44 great hall gaming map, an expansive room lit by the colorful glow of mosaic glass.

Ross McConnell

The Wizarding School Grand Staircase Battle Map

A fantasy battle map with moving staircases ascending the decorated interior of a square tower, all ready for VTT or print!

Ross McConnell

The Wizarding School Courtyard Battle Map

The comfortable courtyard of an illustrious mage school, packaged as a 32×44 battle map and ready for print or VTT.

Ross McConnell

The River Fort Battle Map

A palisade fort on the bank of a river – a 32×44 battle map with plenty of space for combat, probably filled with bandits or other baddies!

Ross McConnell

Kami of the Castle – Japanese Castle Encounter

A kami has free rein over Castle Ishiyama and has animated o-yoroi armors and kimonos. But what does it really want?

Troy McConnell

The Japanese Castle Battle Maps

A detailed, hand-drawn battle map of a 5-floor (plus roof) Ōshiro, or Japanese Castle, the commanding home and fortress of a local lord.

Ross McConnell

Jenni Brings the Japanese Castle Battle Map to Life

The Japanese Castle battle map has several distinct elevation levels, and Jenni’s foam core construction will help you visualize them.

Ross McConnell

Japanese Castle Maps & Assets

An enormous 32×44 inch Japanese castle battle map ready for print or virtual tabletop. Are your players up to the challenge?

Ross McConnell

Square Keep Hill Battle Map

A dedicated base map for the Square Keep, complete with basement and an optional secret tunnel.

Ross McConnell