A Colony, Contaminated – Ankheg Forest & Cave Encounter for D&D 5E

A colony of ankheg have been attacking the local woodcutters. But what has caused their aggression and can the party solve the problem?

Troy McConnell

The Forest Camp Battle Map

A small campsite hidden deep in the forest. This 44×32 battle map has plenty of space for stealth, ambush, and ranged combat!

Ross McConnell

In the Shaded Glade – Fey Glade Encounter for D&D 5e

A sprite and its fey minions inhabit the stunning forest glade, tricking anyone who visits into playing a dangerous game.

Troy McConnell

The Bamboo Glade Battle Map

A battle map imagined as the atmospheric backdrop for an encounter between two noble samurai, be it a battle of swords or haiku…

Ross McConnell

Graythorn & Greenbriar

Bring your players to explore Graythorn & Greenbriar, a forested system-neutral region filled with woodland animals and charming townsfolk.


The Lakeside Camp Battle Map

A serene battle map just as suitable for a picnic as it is for an encounter with whatever lives in the neighboring lake, swamp, or forest!

Ross McConnell

The Timber Brook Battle Map

My latest 44×32″ forest battle map. The Timber Brook features a stream, campsite, and tactical cover in the form of logs and bushes.

Ross McConnell

The FAIRY GLADE Forest Battle Map

A large-scale, hand-drawn 44×32″ forest battle map saturated with tall trees, deep greens, and a whimsical magic…

Ross McConnell

Jon’s Battle Maps

Jon (uchideshi34) has generously contributed a wide range of brilliantly detailed fantasy battle maps. Downloads included!

Ross McConnell

The Edge of the Woods Battle Map

A path leads into a gloomy forest. This battle map suggests that it’s a remarkable forest, deserving of an appropriately dangerous encounter!

Ross McConnell