The Bamboo Glade Battle Map

A battle map imagined as the atmospheric backdrop for an encounter between two noble samurai, be it a battle of swords or haiku…

Ross McConnell

Graythorn & Greenbriar

Bring your players to explore Graythorn & Greenbriar, a forested system-neutral region filled with woodland animals and charming townsfolk.


The Lakeside Camp Battle Map

A serene battle map just as suitable for a picnic as it is for an encounter with whatever lives in the neighboring lake, swamp, or forest!

Ross McConnell

The Timber Brook Battle Map

My latest 44×32″ forest battle map. The Timber Brook features a stream, campsite, and tactical cover in the form of logs and bushes.

Ross McConnell

The FAIRY GLADE Forest Battle Map

A large-scale, hand-drawn 44×32″ forest battle map saturated with tall trees, deep greens, and a whimsical magic…

Ross McConnell

Jon’s Battle Maps

Jon (uchideshi34) has generously contributed a wide range of brilliantly detailed fantasy battle maps. Downloads included!

Ross McConnell

The Edge of the Woods Battle Map

A path leads into a gloomy forest. This battle map suggests that it’s a remarkable forest, deserving of an appropriately dangerous encounter!

Ross McConnell

The Forest Treetop Map Assets

Our new and improved hand-drawn forest treetop assets. With these, you can make your own forested battle maps with ease.

Ross McConnell

The Sacred Spring Battle Map

A 16×22″ fantasy battle map depicting a well of magical water in the heart of a vast and ancient forest. What a tourist trap!

Ross McConnell

Into the Bramblejade, Part 2

The party must brave the Bramblejade and reach Verdantguard tower. But are they ready for the dangers and secrets that await within?

Troy McConnell