The Pirate’s Grotto Battle Map

A huge 32×44 battle map of a tropical sea cave and a wrecked pirate ship. There’s treasure to be had… If you can overcome the scavengers.

Ross McConnell

The Desert Island Battle Map

Shipwreck your players on this 44×32 desert island battle map! There’s nothing here but sand, palm trees, and miles of tropical ocean…

Ross McConnell

The Crab Rock Battle Map

A new 44×32″ battle map set on the coast and featuring hazardous blow holes, cliffs, and a gigantic roaming monster…

Ross McConnell

The Kiryanov Archipelago

Take your players on an island-hopping adventure in the Kiryanov Archipelago, Garm’s latest ‘modular region’ worldbuilding supplement.


The ROCK POOLS Battle Map

A battle map depicting a rocky coastline and its sparkling rock pools, complete with a natural stone platform fit for a showdown.

Ross McConnell

The Jungle Podium Maps & Assets

An Aztec-inspired stone podium set in a jungle clearing. Inside the download there are battle maps ready for Roll20 and PDFs for printing.

Ross McConnell