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A protected bay collects driftwood carried on the ebbing tide.

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Years ago I visited New Zealand with my Dad, and there we saw many a natural marvel. This map is an amalgamation of two of them:

The first is Cathedral Cove, where a large archway of natural stone stands amidst white sand and sparkling waters. The second is the Moeraki Boulders, a scattering of oddly spherical boulders that rest in the sand of an isolated beach.

I threw in some seaweed, a secret cave, and space enough for a campsite, and a map was born! My hope is that this cove might stick in your player’s memory just like those places in New Zealand stuck in mine.

So, what sort of encounter might you run here? Survivors of a shipwreck in need of help? An enormous, amphibious sea serpent that dwells in the cave? Perhaps the rocks themselves are alive, like the trolls from Brave?

We hope you and your players have fun! Let us know what sort of adventures you have, or have planned – we’d love to hear about them in the comments. 🙂

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Ross McConnell

DM, aspiring artist, and founder of 2-Minute Tabletop! I love drawing, writing, and worldbuilding, and this is the website where all of it comes together.

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  1. Just saw this on Tumblr. Having grown up in coastal areas while Dad was in the USN this kind of landscape is not unfamiliar. Have also seen similar while canoeing on lakes and rivers.

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Published: December 9, 2023

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