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We’re excited to unveil a captivating collection of lost library maps courtesy of the talented Spectralicy! Their ingenious layouts and eye-catching details offer endless possibilities for hidden surprises, from treacherous traps to alluring treasures. So prepare to lose yourself in these inspiring creations!

The maps range between 29×28 and 32×35 in size and come with messy pre-adventure and cleaned-out post-adventure variants. There are even secret bookshelf overlays for when your players finally figure out how to get past the barriers and escape the labyrinth!

A final note of thanks to Spectralicy for their incredible contribution, and feel free to show your appreciation by leaving a comment, or simply diving into a new story arc fueled by these amazing maps.

From Spectralicy:

Libraries are places of knowledge and when a group of heroes are in need of knowledge that’s been lost to the ages, they must go to a library that’s been lost just the same. In my world, this lost library, which houses great knowledge and terrible dangers, sits under a royal magic academy, but it only opens its secret entries to a select few and even if you’re lucky enough to get in, there’s no guarantee the library will allow you to leave.

When I made these in Dungeondraft, I made sure to put in all the things you need in a library: Books, shelves for the books, dust and cobwebs, a maze, plenty of potential secrets, a grotesque monster trapped in a pit, and most importantly places to have a seat while you study! I used quite a few recolored and modified assets that I did using Clip Studio, as well as adding in some dark shadows and candlelight to set the mood.


You can use the button above to download Spectralicy’s Lost Library Maps, and I have listed many of the map asset packs used below. You can also find many more on our Map Gallery.


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I help Ross with a chunk of the background work so he has more time for the part he loves, the artwork! When I'm not doing that, I'm working on my own maps & articles to assist you in your worldbuilding. :)

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