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I love diving into our free-to-use Token Editor and experimenting with combining tokens to create exactly what works best for the characters I have in mind. Cypirate exemplifies this perfectly with these two imposing fire giants

Want to see how Cypirate built these fire giants? Check out the original tokens listed below! But that’s not all! To complete the fiery scene, Archbold Illustrations, Cypirate’s GM, leveled up one of our existing maps with a scorched and ashy aesthetic, which we’ve included in the download for you – links below!

We are super impressed with what this duo has managed to do with 2-Minute Tabletop’s existing artwork, and we hope you’ll check them out and support them here at: Instagram: @archboldillustrations | Instagram @cypir.art & https://ko-fi.com/cypirate

Cypirate has also utilized a few assets from our asset packs such as the magma axe & swords from Metalsmith’s Workshop, and the Fire Giant Priestess’ firey mane from Battle Damage Assets!

From Archbold Illustrations:

“After the destruction of the Esseflodi fire giant armada’s flagship Helligvonin, the war priestess Galoril Blodbokhar, Hand of Surtur took the fight straight to the elemental plane of fire.

In a brutal combat, the heroes discovered that the relentless General Rangen Sekbladen – named so for the six broken blades plunged into his back that couldn’t slow him – was in fact an undead firegaunt puppet under Galoril’s command. He may have been incapable of speech and showing signs of decay, but that made him no less dangerous.

Ordered by the ruthless Galoril, he grasped the barbarian in one massive hand and waded into lake of lava surrounding the battlefield. There, he raised the barbarian above his head and plunged him under, holding him down until the party’s fighter took it upon himself to wrestle the General while he was distracted. In a true clash of titans, the enlarged fighter bodily threw the unsuspecting Rangen over his shoulder, forcing him to drag the barbarian from the lava.

In the meantime, not even a sundered face – destroyed with a powerful smite from the party’s bard/paladin – could slow Galoril as she cauterised her own wound and struck back with vengeance as her puppet was put down once and for all. No less physically powerful than the General, Galoril switched tactics out of rage and took it upon herself to attempt to destroy the heroes.

The battle was fraught, but the priestess was eventually defeated by a punishing blow from the barbarian’s trident, which would never have been possible without the cleric’s unwavering support allowing him to withstand the lava’s devastating damage.”


You can use the button above to download the Fire Giant Tokens & Map, and I have listed many of the map asset packs used below. You can also find many more on our Map Gallery.


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