The Dwarven Throne Room Battle Map

A cavernous 32×64 underground throne room excavated by a dwarven fortress with an excess of gold and skilled engravers.

Ross McConnell

The Sewer Hideout Battle Map

Introducing our 16×22 Sewer Hideout battle map, a ramshackle base hidden in the tunnels below the city streets.

Ross McConnell

The Acid Cave Map

A 44×32 cave map featuring a vast pool of acid for your player characters to avoid as they jump between narrow stone platforms…

Ross McConnell

New Dungeon Wall & Floor Assets!

65 new hand-drawn map assets, including dungeon-themed walls, doors, stairs, rubble, and floor textures! Now with CSP ribbon brushes.

Ross McConnell

The Pooling Caverns Battle Map

A huge, 44×32 cave map featuring a wide lake at its core. All you need now are some monsters – I suggest giant toads!

Ross McConnell

The Dwarven Vault Dungeon Map

How to download and run my 32×44 dungeon, the Dwarven Vault, which features a series of valves that lower the lava and open new doors…

Ross McConnell

The Arena of Fire Battle Map

A high-fantasy battle map depicting a large stone arena surrounded by burning lava. It’s 44×32 and prepped for VTT or print!

Ross McConnell

The Ancient Desert Catacomb Dungeon Map

A 2-part desert dungeon map including a surface ruin and an underground dungeon, big enough to keep your group busy for a whole session!

Ross McConnell

Hig Kalduhr The Dwarven Fortress

Hig Kalduhr is a system-neutral dwarven fortress, complete with easy access to a vast underground realm to explore.



A 44×32″ dungeon map depicting watery caverns criss-crossed by mining tunnels. A cave map to keep your players busy for a whole session!

Ross McConnell