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The underground home of a self-sufficient dwarf who enjoys ale, hunting, farming, and ale.

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Dwarves in my world know that circles are quite sacred – strong shapes that magically ward off evil. Thus, much of their architecture is round, with domed ceilings, and grown over with moss or grass when built on the surface. You might imagine a large, stone igloo.

This particular dwarven home is built around a central hearth where all the cooking takes place, and the outer wall is lined with storage, a worktable, and bed. Naturally, the pillow is our dwarf’s most comfortable stone found to date.

I have future plans for the exterior, but this map could be situated wherever you might need! It could be an above-ground house built in a city, or a burrow somewhere in the countryside.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the map variants! I enlisted James’ skilled help to edit this map into a fight club, forge, and sauna, all of which are very charming and could easily stand alone as a base map. 🙂

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