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John from Boston was kind enough to share his spooky Halloween encounter using a mixture of our 2-Minute maps and assets. Enjoy his write-up below…

Harvest Horror Encounter Photo
Photo by John from Boston (@johndmaher)

Hi Ross,

My family and I (my wife and 4 kids ages 16-10) played a “Harvest Horror” campaign with your “Pumpkin Hill” map tonight, and it was great!

I had a story where the farmer hired the party to protect his farm and windmill on Halloween, because each year his farm gets overrun with creatures. The party investigates, but gets attacked and injured by exploding/grappling pumpkin bombs and pumpkin fiends. Once they dispatched those, a group of 6 of the “Halloween Monster Tokens” came walking in, but the party thankfully figured out that they were just kids trick-or-treating before they attacked. The kids informed the party that they saw a man walk into the windmill, so they chose to investigate.

After climbing the several levels of the windmill, and encountering another pumpkin fiend on one of the floors, they came across an old wizard on the top level. He claimed to be trying to help protect the windmill from the creatures, but the party saw through that deception. The wizard attacked, but when he was almost killed, he disappeared as his voice echoed out, “you’re too late, ha ha ha!”. Then the party heard a noise, and looking out the windows of the windmill, they saw the Harvest Horror forming in the pumpkin patch.

They ran out of the windmill (or fired from the windows) and even though the Harvest Horror belched out additional pumpkin bombs and fiends, the party managed to destroy the Harvest Horror and save the farm.

My kids had a lot of fun playing together, and I think my younger 2 girls, who hadn’t really played a whole session yet, had a lot of fun, and are really interested in working on new characters and playing again soon.

Thanks again for the great maps through your Patreon emails. The Harvest Horror outline and the Pumpkin Hill map were just enough to get me started with some ideas, and my family had a fun “game night” tonight instead of another “TV night”. That’s a win in my book.

Game photo below!


I’m always glad to hear about families and friends enjoying my maps. Thank you for sharing, John.

You can find John on Twitter under @johndmaher.


If you would like to run a similar game, you can find the same assets below:

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Published: November 7, 2019

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