This time we feature the incredibly talented Cypirate, who has kindly allowed us to show off their beautiful collection of maps and wonderfully decorated ship assets!

There is so much going on in each of these maps it’s fun to see all the creative ways Cypirate has used our assets to create unique and vibrant settings, and you can download them all for free using the download link below!

We know you’ll appreciate the skills behind this collection as much as we have, and you can show your support for Cypirate by following them on Instagram: Thanks for your generous contribution, Cypirate!

“Ballroom, when your campaign shifts to a political intrigue arc, a grand ball where many dignitaries, nobles and other important figures from across the realms are gathered to party, makes deals and forge alliances is a must! Now just make sure your drinks haven’t been poisoned…” – Cypirate

“Shoshone Basecamp, being part of a Call of Cthulhu campaign inspired by the Firewatch video game, set in 80s Shoshone National Park, having a map to visualise our cabin and watchtower overlooking the wooded cliffs felt like the natural thing to make. Now we can have a place to relax after long hikes watching out for wildfires and eldritch horrors. It was a fun exercise in using the more modern assets in contrast to the many medieval maps I’m more familiar with.” – Cypirate

“The Ivy, burrowed out from a hill side, this small but cosy inn is the perfect addition to any small forest town to host the occasional adventurous visitor. It boasts a few room options to fit your party’s size and budget. So come grab a drink at the bar, find a table you like, or huddle by the fire without disturbing Chestnut, the owner’s cat, it’s his chair after all!” – Cypirate

“Vedrana’s Song, this sleek sloop is perfect for switfly sailing across the warm waters of the Lucidian Ocean. Belonging to an elven sailor from Port Damali, Aelar and his small crew have made it their home, shaping each room to fit them, packed with colourful treasures and exotic goods as they sail out, liberating goods from the cargo ships of greedy trading companies. Definitely not piracy though ;)” – Cypirate

“Tyrant of the Sands, the sandstone caverns serve as the lair of one of the most fearsome creatures of the desert, a blue dragon. Though this one is still young, he is starting to grow a sizeable hoard thanks to the tithe he claims from neighbouring villages who hope their offerings will appease his wrath. Though recently, wanting to live up to the legacy of his mother who’s skull he keeps in honour in his lair, the dragon has kidnapped some of the town’s folks to be his servants. Everyone is desperate for heroes to brave the desert’s sands to rescue them and bring an end to the dragon’s terror over the region. Though it will be no easy task for dragon’s lair is well defended by smaller monsters and secret traps…

And to complete the map of course, I’ve drawn my own Blue Dragon token, trying to match the 2MT aesthetic for the best immersion ^^” – Cypirate

From Cypirate:

I loved the desert variant of the Pooling Caverns map as a lair for this dragon but I realised it would be very cool to have the lair connect to the desert outside, both for their initial search and in case of a desperate escape with the dragon at their backs!! Since I used a sand skiff to help my players cross the desert, I wanted to make sure there was ample room for it to manoeuvre across the dunes dodging the dragon’s crackling lightning breath!

From a technical aspect, I’ve always found it easier to merge existing maps together rather than build them up entirely from scratch. Sometimes it’s not possible but here, with careful use of masking layers to blend them into each other, some little colour correction to match the hues of the sand and rocks, using a mix of Desert Island – Oasis, Desert Dunes – Day, Basic Desert Dunes, Rock Pools, we can make a desert landscape that perfectly wraps around the cavern lair and connects to the entrances. And the result is a map 6 times the size of the original that gives us a wide map for our group to play around in 😀


You can use the button above to download Cypirate’s Map Collection, and I have listed many of the map asset packs used below. You can also find many more on our Map Gallery.


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