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Emma and Daniel are the generous contributors behind today’s guest post. Below you’ll find a wide range of maps from their campaign, all the way from region-level to the city street maps and – at the bottom – a place to download them for your own game!

Margaster Mansion battle map - Banner preview

Our names are Emma and Daniel
and we’re a pair of DM’s from humble Norway. ^^

Currently Daniel is running the main campaign for our group, while I (Emma) run one-shots in the breaks between sessions and handle music for the main campaign. A month or so back we picked up your Everything Pack together and MAN have we been blown away by the sheer amount of content we’ve been allowed to work with!

I have personally taken a liking to the massive amounts of assets, tiles and prefab buildings and used this to put together a sprawling three-story mansion for a recent heist one-shot. The Margaster mansion lies on the outskirts of Silverymoon of the Forgotten Realms and is owned by a married couple of retired adventurers. Together they hold parties where they display and sell off their wide array of artistic and magical creations as well as many curiosities from their adventuring days.

The party infiltrated the mansion during one said party, splitting the party in two with one group mingling with the partygoers and proprietors and a second group navigating the many alarms, magical traps, illusions, animated defences and the staff of the mansion to uncover how to open the force-vault installed on the top floor of the mansion. It was a wonderful and memorable night of intrigue, close calls and eventually chaos as plans started to crumble.

Margaster Mansion - Floor 1

I learned a lot during the lengthy creation of the mansion and I can’t wait to use my new-found skills as well as the many techniques I’ve learned from your Discord to create even better maps!

Daniel on the other hand has already used a few of your battlemaps in the main campaign and is currently putting together custom battlemaps as well as area maps (In Wonderdraft) for the next leg of the main campaign; dancing with slavers, cultists and corrupt nobles in the city of Yartar.

For spoiler reasons I haven’t seen much of his works yet, but the few peeks I’ve gotten have already blown me away and I’m very excited to see everything he’s worked on during the session this Saturday.

A map of Yartar and the surrounding land…

Yartar Region Map

A map of the city proper… (I especially love the split docks ^^)

Yartar City Map

A peek at a city street battle maps…

We’re both very thankful for your creations and are super excited to see what you come up with next ^^ Keep up the good work!

With love,

Emma and Daniel <3

Thank you both for sharing these! You’ve inspired me personally, and I’m sure they’ll be very much appreciated shared here. 🙂

You can download Emma and Daniels’ maps here, and you can find some of the building blocks they used below if you’d like to try your hand at custom maps too…

If you have any photos, screenshots, or custom maps that you would like to share, please reach out to me! You can email me at 2minutetabletop {at} gmail {dot} com, or you can find me on social media…

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