A New NIGHT Variant for our Coastal Town Map

An old favorite – our coastal town map – just received a fresh coast of paint. Immerse your players in the cool summer night.

Ross McConnell

A New NIGHT Variant for our Greybanner Map

Our Greybanner town map now sports Day and Night variants, and you can download both (for free) starting today!

Ross McConnell

The Lands of Roulimar

An immersive map hand-out depicting frigid lands bordered by sea, steppe, and impossibly tall mountains. The setting for your next adventure?

Ross McConnell

Spooktacular October – Community Map Spotlight

A gallery of 73 spooky, community-made battle maps from this year’s Spooktacular October challenge. Bravo, Discord community!

Ross McConnell

Community Spotlight

An inspiring photo gallery of our battle maps & map assets “out in the wild” kindly shared with us by the community.

Ross McConnell

Emma & Daniel’s Margaster Mansion & More

Emma and Daniel’s gorgeous collection of maps, including their region and city of Yartar, its city streets, and the opulent mansion nearby.

Ross McConnell

Asen’s Sprawling Sewer Map

Asen Stoyanov’s custom-made sewer map is so large that it spills over the edge of the table. Download the map and the assets that made it inside.

Ross McConnell

Greybanner, Part 2: Locations in Town

Hundreds flock to Greybanner in preparation for the Grand Tournament. Once open streets are quickly populated by stalls and carts, and merchants’ voices begin to fill the air. The outskirts of town see camps and caravans arrive. Hopeful warriors share glances of anticipation as they size up their competition. The residents of the town move

Troy McConnell

The Meadow Ruins – Encounter & Battle Map

A 22×16″ printable and digital battle map paired with a custom-made gnoll encounter. Created by Ross & Troy McConnell and free thanks to our Patrons!

Ross McConnell

The Infested Crypt – Adventure & Battle Map

A free 22×16″ Infested Crypt battle map (ready for print or virtual tabletop) and a short adventure to accompany it, A Favor for Gallen.

Ross McConnell