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For October of 2020, Bazz – our resident Patreon Discord moderator – pitched our talented community against a fresh map-making challenge.

Together they created 73 battle maps over the course of the month, and I’d like to share a small selection of them below as my way of thanking the participants and celebrating their creations!

You’ll find a link to download the full-sized maps at the bottom, and please leave a comment to thank the creators for their work. 🙂

Without further adieu, and in (more-or-less) alphabetical order…

Alwyn’s Battle Maps

Bazz’s Laboratory

Marleyx’s Mansion

David Jott’s Atmospheric Scenes

Guiding Olive’s Constructions

Jester of Puppets’ Masterpiece

Kingsluger’s Abandoned Town

Reverend Lovecraft’s Mega-Pumpkin

Skymall Home Rental Service’s Grizzly Caverns (@skymallhomevids)

TommyDude’s Salvus Tomb

Upsetti’s Jungle Scene

A word from Bazz

I would like to thank everyone that has put forward effort to make this as successful as it came to be.

Though we didn’t quite reach the 100 maps quota, 73 maps is nothing to scoff at.

So thank you:

  • Upsetti
  • Tommydude
  • Skymall Home Video Rental Service
  • Reverend Lovecraft
  • Marleyx
  • Kingsluger
  • Jester Of Puppets
  • Guiding Olive
  • David Jott
  • Alwyn

I do hope it triggered you all in some way to keep the awesome work that comes forth out of this community up.

In particular I want to say thanks again to Ross, Troy for all the awesome content they’ve both created. And of course our resident token team Hammershark and Drhodesw that provide us with the moving parts in our games. Without you guys all this wouldn’t be possible.

I hope you all have fun within the community and we shall continue onwards and to see you within the community soon.

Remember to stay safe and take care of your loved ones during these difficult times we’ve all been put through.

– Bazz

Thank you once again to all the inspiring creators who jumped into the Spooktacular challenge – hopefully we’ll see you back next year!

Of course, I welcome you to share your custom maps any day of the year, and I’d love for you to tag me so that I can share and enjoy them too! You can find a few ways to contact me below…

Finally, you can visit the Google Drive containing the full-sized maps below, as well as a selection of map-making assets should you take a crack at making your own. Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy!

Visit the Spooktacular October Community Maps Drive →

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  1. Thank you, I think I will use Kingsluger’s Abandoned Town to represent the ruins of Jambis in the Roll20 campaign I’m running. It’s for the second module of Crownfall called Songbird, Scion, Saboteur.

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