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A hand-drawn, multi-level galleon ship battle map with several grid options. Digital files for VTT and printable PDFs included.

Galleons once made for both reliable cargo and warships, packing anything from cannons and soldiers to tobacco and passengers. Even today they are a popular choice in media, appearing as the Jackdaw in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and as the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean. So, if you’re looking for an iconic sailing ship, look no further!

galleon sailing ship map

This “2.5-dimensional” battle map comes with three deck layers and a collection of sails, as well as a few prefab options for ease-of-use. Inside the download package you will find a collection of Roll20-optimized digital images as well as a “Print & Play” PDF with several grid and color options.

The Squall’s Shadow – A Swarthy Crew

Troy McConnell has graciously created this iconic crew. Please use them at your leisure! You can click on the stat blocks to zoom in.

Captain Hector Augurstrom

Captain of the infamous Squall’s Shadow. Once a slave, he has ruthlessly clawed his way to the position of captain with his faithful quartermaster. But that is not enough to satisfy his hunger. He now seeks the occult as a way of furthering his eventual vengeance on the pirates that imprisoned him.

A bandit captain with the berserker’s Reckless and gladiator’s Brave, earned over years of hard-fought battles. His personal weaknesses are supplemented by Arcanist Izar and his thralls.

Quartermaster Aranos Scaldhand

Captain Augurstrom’s right hand and most trusted advisor. Aranos shares Hector’s ambitions but not his acceptance of the occult. He remains on the Squall’s Shadow as quartermaster and to ensure his lifelong friend is not lost in his pursuit of power.

A combination of the bandit and cult fanatic statblocks, modified with dwarven abilities and a fitting spell list. He will protect his Captain but does not feel the same for Izar.

Arcanist Izar

A man of unknown origin, found by Captain Augurstrom. The two share a mutual goal, at least for the moment, and have formed an alliance. Izar acts as an occult advisor to his Captain, earning the crew’s disdain with his worship of ancient, nameless ocean gods. Nevertheless, he invaluably bolsters their numbers with enthralled victims of their previous engagements.

A priest with a darker spell list and Divine Eminence swapped for the cult fanatic’s Dark Devotion. What he lacks physically, he makes up for with thralls.

Izar’s Thralls

Those that remain from the victims of the Squall’s Shadow. Survivors are taken and given to Izar, emerging later as drones with their minds intact but their wills erased. They are violent, unfeeling, and will happily die to protect their masters.

Zombies with modified stats and abilities to reflect their different flavor. Their strength is in numbers.

Hilda Filou, Naval Spy

A scout sent to investigate Augurstrom’s recent dealings with Izar, though quickly discovered and captured. The only information she has given up is her name and employment as a naval agent, though even those are said with a snide grin. Perhaps she would be more open with those that free her from the Squall’s hold?

A spy, simply changed to be a half-elf. She would happily speak with and even assist the party, should they free her.

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

Download our ship battle maps here

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Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, thanks to our generous supporters. If you would like to use this map commercially, please contact me 🙂

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Published: April 3, 2017
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