The Arcade Center Battle Map

A colorful battle map of an immortal Arcade Center, suitable for retro, modern, and Cyberpunk games! 22×16 and ready for print or VTT.

Ross McConnell

The Forgotten Monastery Interior Battle Map

A large fantasy battle map of a crumbling mountaintop monastery. Undeniably a dramatic location for a memorable encounter!

Ross McConnell


This log cabin has a homely feel but hides a horrifying secret; just attach its optional basement to transform it from comfy to creepy!

Ross McConnell

The “Shanty” Tavern Map

Welcome to The Shanty, a tavern map with a tall, floor-to-ceiling aquarium at its center. A real adventurer/tourist trap to be sure!

Ross McConnell

The Celestial Temple Battle Map

A 22×16 fantasy battle map of a grand cathedral dedicated to the celestial bodies. Dungeondraft, PDF, and virtual tabletop files inside.

Ross McConnell

The Japanese Furniture Map Assets

Create your own battle maps with 145 map assets inspired by the furniture and decorations of feudal-era Japan, the age of the samurai!

Ross McConnell

The Japanese Castle Battle Maps

A detailed, hand-drawn battle map of a 5-floor (plus roof) Ōshiro, or Japanese Castle, the commanding home and fortress of a local lord.

Ross McConnell

House of Hidden Hunger – Mimic Encounter for 5e

Mimics have taken the form of an entire building. Run our unique encounter or use any of the five mimic variant creatures.

Troy McConnell

Modular Rooftop Map Assets

Surfaces, ridges, hips, and gables. Eaves, valleys, chimneys, and more. Build your own rooftops of any shape or size.

Ross McConnell

Emma & Daniel’s Margaster Mansion & More

Emma and Daniel’s gorgeous collection of maps, including their region and city of Yartar, its city streets, and the opulent mansion nearby.

Ross McConnell