The Four Masters – Iskar, Master of Fire

The Master of Fire, perfectly embodying their flames, is happy to face any challengers. But can the party take the heat?

Troy McConnell

The Four Masters – Kawaryu, Master of Water

Meditating in the bamboo glade is Kawaryu, the Master of Water. He awaits any challengers who would face him and his three fighting forms.

Troy McConnell

Introducing the NEW Token Editor

Browse and edit over 1000 character tokens, creature tokens, and monster tokens designed for the virtual tabletop.

Reuben Farley

The H-0L0W Drivers, Part 1: Cyberpunk Transporters

When a crime is being planned or going awry, a phone sounds with a notification. The H-0L0W Drivers offer their assistance as transporters, for a price.

Troy McConnell

Interesting Horses – Personality/Quirk Tables & Papercraft Figurines

The most common of mounts; the riding horse, warhorse, draft horse, pony, and donkey. Papercraft figurines and random quirk tables for horses!

Ross McConnell

The 2-Minute Token Editor

The 2-Minute Token Editor is my tool for creating custom tokens for virtual tabletops. It’s fast, easy to use, and works with Roll20 and other VTTs!

Ross McConnell

Train Caboose & Cargo Cars

Map assets for a caboose and cargo cars, to join our steam train collection. Free to download, work with virtual table tops, and are simple to print.

Ross McConnell

Sewer Map Assets

Bring the Sewer Map Tiles to life with this comprehensive asset pack, containing debris, bridges, and decorations of all sorts. Transform your watery tunnels into a thieves guild, bug nest, or alligator den!

Ross McConnell

Assembling the Harvest Horror Paper Figurines

I’m rebooting my YouTube channel with this simple “Let’s Build” time lapse of my Harvest Horror paper figurines. This video’s main purpose was to test out my new filming setup, so please excuse its simplicity!

Ross McConnell