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Desperation often forces even the timidest souls towards crime. But desperation leads to mistakes. And when mistakes happen and a crime goes wrong, a notification sound lets the hapless criminal know that the Drivers are available.

With the release of a certain video game getting closer (and then further away, and then slowly closer, and then further…), we’ve started releasing a number of cyberpunk assets. The first of them was our Cyberpunk Cars pack. To accompany them, we’ve also developed a cyberpunk transporter gang: The H-0L0W Drivers. Illusive, faceless, and unexplained, the Drivers appear when an opportunity arises and disappear once the job is done.

This is just Part 1, covering the general idea and in-universe perspective of the H-0L0W Drivers. Future parts will come with our other cyberpunk assets. Part 2 will dive deeper into how they work behind the scenes, and Part 3 will explain just who is behind the enigmatic transporters.

The H-0L0W Drivers

Exactly who or what the Drivers are is unknown. Despite their effectiveness and spreading influence as transporters for the city’s criminal element, not even their most frequent clients have managed to discover their origin. All that is known is their business, their name, and the promise it represents – H-0L0W: hireable, with zero liability and zero witnesses

Their appearance is heralded by an advertisement sent to prospective clients in the moment they are needed. It could be when a job is being planned, going horribly awry, or when two factions come into violent conflict. These messages hold catalogs of tiered vehicles and offer escape, escort, transport, or assistance. Where do they come from? As always, no one is ever sure. What they do know is that whatever the client needs, the Drivers can accomplish – for the right price.

The cost of a Driver depends on its circumstance. The more urgent a customer requires one, the more they are willing to pay, after all. If their situation is going downhill, clients will often see the price ticking higher as the clock runs out. Gang members involved in violent shootouts and territory disputes have even mentioned the advertisement changing into an auction. The Drivers had both sides bid against each other for their assistance, frantically trying to outbid their opponents as the bullets flew.

Once a sale is made, a car appears to fulfill the task. The vehicles vary in design and function, devoid of anything that might identify them. There is only one detail that links them: they are all, as their name might suggest, driverless.

Though they are able to project the image of a driver, the vehicles move on their own, expertly navigating the roads and alleys of the city. Clients are instructed to simply voice their objective or destination and sit back. Further purchase options are provided, should the situation call for it. These include weapons, medical supplies, and other resources. There is even the option to manipulate traffic signals in the vehicle’s path, or to receive assistance from other, similarly empty vehicles to act as obstacles, distractions, or to transfer the clients into.

And when the job is completed, the vehicles disappear as quickly as they had appeared.

[ Looks like you could use some help. ]

Select a purchase option, complete your transfer, and await your Driver’s arrival.

An economic option for those seeking discretion, disguise, or disappearance.

  • Blend into the crowd and lose your pursuers with a standard civilian vehicle
  • Additional extras available after purchase…


Buckle up with all the speed you could need.

  • Civilian on the surface, racer under the hood
  • Enhanced engine and navigation systems
  • Predictive scanners updated every 0.5 seconds
  • Additional extras available after purchase…


The gold standard for getaways.

  • Guaranteed faster than any law enforcement in the city
  • Bullet-proof armor plating and windows
  • Course-clearing uplink to ensure a clean path for you, and only you
  • Additional extras available after purchase…


When they have the best, but you need better.

  • Get to your destination in a straight line, without worrying about buildings, bullets, or badges
  • Bullet and explosive-resistant armor plating, stronger than anything on the market
  • Munitions supply crate included in purchase
  • Additional extras available after purchase…


How exactly do the H-0L0W Drivers operate and who is their puppetmaster? These answers will come in Parts 2 and 3, releasing alongside future cyberpunk assets. Stay tuned to find out!

Download the Cyberpunk Car Map Assets

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  1. This is pretty well timed for myself! I’m making more sci-fi/cyberpunk type maps and am in dire need of my tech-y assets! Thank you!

  2. These are some really cool ideas! I might need to work these into my game (especially since nobody in my crew went nomad)

  3. Will we ever see a continuation of this? I really liked the cyberpunk assets that yall have been making and was interested in where the Parts 2 and 3 of this will be released.

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