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The H-0L0W Drivers are designed as a module for you to drop into your Cyberpunk campaign.

They are an underground organization of anonymous professional drivers specialized in extraction and interference.

Hireable, with zero liability and zero witnesses.

Part 1 acted as an introduction, covering how the Drivers might appear to those in the world. Part 2 explained how their network of ‘nodes’ functions. Now, we get to the man behind it all…

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In a world of computers and programs, power falls in the hands of those who can manipulate these systems. For one on a single-minded pursuit without patience for error, the removal of human involvement brings the removal of certain obstacles and unpredictability. This is the perspective that drives the H-0L0W Drivers.

This is the third and final part in the creation of our own cyberpunk transporter gang, the H-0L0W Drivers. Having covered their public image and background operations, all that’s left to discuss is the man behind it all.

The hidden ringleader of the H-0L0W Drivers.

Eugene Welker

Behind the outward persona, driverless vehicles, and the network of indentured nodes that form the H-0L0W Drivers, there is a single man: Eugene Welker. This fact is unknown to all but himself. He remains anxiously hidden and avoids any connections that might risk his enterprise, wielding the power that it provides him to build an invisible empire.

Eugene Welker is an anxious and paranoid prodigy with minimal regard for others or any sense of morality. He is motivated by personal interest, curiosity, and above all else, self-preservation. Everything he does is done with the utmost care to avoid exposure or liability, ensuring that his own personal being can never be targeted. This makes him reclusive and something of a coward in personal confrontation, though Eugene himself would describe this as simply understanding his own strengths and weaknesses. 

The Origin of Eugene

Born a genius and with a growing aptitude for technology, a young Eugene Welker quickly came by an offer for a corporate IT job. It was ground-level but represented the possibility of a life far beyond what he was born into. It was also a tempting playground for Eugene’s compulsions.

Eugene’s paranoid curiosity led him into the company’s databases, where he quickly discovered their ties to multiple gangs and black markets. It was a cornucopia of information and leverage scrolling before Eugene’s eyes. But his were not the only eyes watching.

The company buried Eugene, as they are prone to do. He was stripped of every asset to his name, threatened with every violence they could conjure, and returned to the streets. The only souvenir he managed to keep was a stashed copy of the information he had uncovered.

Eugene disappeared for a time to develop and implement his plan. Debt records included in the stolen ledgers allowed him to begin the implementation of the nodes he would later need. One particular victim of Eugene’s blackmail was a Marcus Elroy, who Eugene threatened with the exposure of his similar past of corporate espionage. In return, Eugene was given sole ownership of the now-defunct Elroy Scrapyard that Marcus was to inherit.

Eugene’s next appearance came in the form of an advertisement sent to the device of a low-level gang member during a botched armed robbery. An inconspicuous family vehicle followed closely after, completely devoid of any driver. 

At that moment, the H-0L0W Drivers were truly born.

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Eugene’s Fortress

The Elroy Scrapyard is a small, largely nondescript pile of discarded metal and wrecked vehicles. It has not produced a dollar of income in years and its location is similarly worthless, making it nigh invisible to other businesses looking for land. A small garage and office sit towards the back of the plot, surrounded by the maze of scrap.

Server Room

A hidden basement acts as Eugene’s server hub and base of operations. Its walls are covered in wires and screens, all feeding into his personal workstation. It is from here that he controls the H-0L0W Drivers. Sitting in a chair of peeling, fake leather, Eugene monitors constant feeds of multiple communication lines throughout the city. These allow him to exploit any situation in which his services may be needed, with the help of his nodes, as well as to maintain a bird’s-eye view of law enforcement and other obstacles.

When an opportunity does arise, he can assume control of any assets in the area. From there, it is simply a matter of moving pieces on a board, assisted by prediction programs that are fed by his legion of nodes. It is quite literally a game to Euegene; one that he has a number of ways of cheating.


Eugene’s paranoia and lack of any personal athletic ability mean that he relies on automated defenses. The scrapyard is rife with cameras and sensors, as well as automated alarms that alert Euegene to anyone approaching the property. Should someone approach, Eugene’s first defense is invisibility.

Of course, sensors are little use without something for them to activate. Eugene also keeps a number of his remote-operated vehicles hidden within the scrapyard and garage, ready to engage any intruders with ill intent or to exfiltrate Eugene in the worst emergencies. In the latter case, his servers are also rigged with the same self-destructive abilities as his nodes’ chips. Were Eugene ever to be discovered and attacked, it would simply be a setback before he can relocate and restore backups.

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