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In this intrepid article my brother and I embark on a mission to spice up the most everyday, common, mundane group of adventuring mounts; the riding horse, warhorse, draft horse, pony, and humble donkey.

Troy McConnell

From Troy, the writer brother, two complete D20 charts for random horse quirks and personalities.

Ross McConnell

From Ross, the artist brother, a collection of printable papercraft figurines and tokens.

The Telambar Horses

The stable master, Tess Telambar, eagerly disappears to fetch the documentation of her horses. You hear a frantic crash and a quickly-stifled cry from where she went. She returns moments later, gripping a disheveled stack of papers that seem hastily reorganized. Her forehead beads with sweat above wide eyes. With a clearly panicked improvisation, she begins desperately trying to remember which horse matches with which document…

D20Personality Trait/Quirk
1Your horse is extremely distrustful of new people. It will take time to gain its trust, and anyone it doesn’t know is met with cautious hostility.
2Like many over-zealous chefs, your horse loves tasting new things. Unfortunately, this includes a great many things it should not be eating.
3Stables can be a wild, horse-eat-horse world, and your horse wants to be on top. It compulsively seeks to intimidate and establish its dominance over other beasts, regardless of their size. These displays are not violent but are often rude.
4Your horse is face blind. It will learn its master’s voice, but can never quite remember their face.
Your horse is afflicted with a deathly phobia and will begin to flee at the sight of…
5… Blood
6… Goblinoids
7… Undead
8… Insects larger than Tiny
9… Any creature larger than itself
10Being a beast does not preclude living with distinction and cleanliness. Your horse hates to be dirtied and insists on being cleaned frequently. And don’t get it started on oozes.
D20Personality Trait/Quirk
11Your horse has a complete lack of depth perception. Not a deadly impedance but it does seem to bite your hand every time you feed it.
12Your horse was one half of a torrid, scandalous love affair with another of its stable-mates. They are kindred spirits with a burning romance, refusing to be separated.
13Your horse is hard of hearing, almost deaf. Spoken commands are out of the question and expecting it to hear nearby dangers is… not a good idea.
An unexplainable, burning hatred compels your horse to attack…
14… Undead
15… Fey
16… Oozes
17… Goblinoids
18… Magic users
19Whoever originally trained your horse had only a loose understanding of Common. It will only respond to commands spoken in a thick, specific accent.
20Your horse formed a bond with another, smaller animal. They are a package deal. The smaller creature is friendly and obedient to its owner, the horse, but not to the horse’s new owner.

Tess Telambar’s ‘Special Stock’

Magical experimentation is not a hobby one easily leaves behind. Fortunately, as stablemaster, Tess Telambar has an abundance of test subjects. The horses she has dubbed her ‘special stock’ all bare the unique results from different attempts at enchantment. Though, that is not to say that she knows or understands all of these enchantments.
These horses are reserved for those who know to ask and who have the gold to afford them, and offer some insight into why Miss Telambar is now a stablemaster in a small town, so far from the capital.

Tess freezes for a moment as you ask. She smiles at the request, the corners of her mouth twitching with brimming excitement. Her expression borders on unsettling as she motions you to an area beyond the stables that you did not initially notice…

D20Personality Trait/Quirk
1Your horse does not neigh, but rather says the word ‘neigh’ in Common. It is otherwise a regular horse.
2Its mouth moves and hooves stomp, yet no sound can be heard. Your horse is permanently under the effects of the Silence spell. When mounted, the effects extend to the rider.
3Your horse is gifted with magical sight. It can see into the Ethereal Plane, as well as being able to see and speak with the dead. Its intelligence score remains 2.
4Your horse can breathe underwater.
5Speaking its command word will cast the Reduce spell on your horse, shrinking it to roughly the size of a small dog.
When scared, your horse casts the Blink spell on itself and flashes between the Material and Ethereal Planes. The effect does not extend to the horse’s rider. Unfortunately, your horse also has a fear of…
6… Goblinoids
7… Undead
8… Oozes
9… Fire
10… Beasts that are Large or greater
D20Personality Trait/Quirk
11Some time ago, a scorned hag cursed a druid to forever remain in the form of a horse. Your horse seems oddly intelligent, though Speaking with Animals is the only way to be sure.
12Speaking its command word will cause your horse to float 6 inches above the ground, its legs dangling motionlessly. It seems perfectly content with this ability. It can move across uneven terrain, up or down stairs, slopes, and the like, but it can’t cross an elevation change of 2 feet or more.
13Your horse counts as a fiend for any ability that can detect fiends. When it sleeps, any grass in a radius of 5 feet withers away. It is otherwise a regular horse.
14Your horse possesses an endless, unceasing appetite. It constantly attempts to chew on anything nearby, even metal, though it does not require any more food than a regular horse to survive.
15Your horse is blessed with the gift of reincarnation. Upon its death, it will immediately come back to life as if by the Reincarnate spell. Its new body is that of a random, non-magical beast of Large size or smaller. There is a chance it will remain a horse.
A magical accident swapped the minds of your horse and a nearby animal. The horse-brained animal is wandering nearby, while your horse has the mind of a…
16… Dog
17… House cat
18… Chicken
19Your horse is permanently under the effects of the Spider Climb spell. It is aware of this, though there is no other indication of this ability.
20Once a month, under the light of a full moon, your horse undergoes a change. Its form shifts to that of a human man, vocal cords included. Its mind remains that of a regular horse.
Horse Figurines & Tokens - Figurines

Horse Papercraft Figurines and Tokens

Hi reader! I’m excited to finally announce these experimental pieces of folded paper, as they have been an ongoing side-project over the last two months and I have only ever shared them on the Patreon Discord as mystifying work-in-progress snapshots.

They’re part token, part easy-to-construct paper figurines! As you’ll find out below, you can print all five on a single piece of paper. They are quite simple to construct and, I can attest, can be done in just two minutes, true to brand!

Still, do be careful with those scissors…

Construction Guide

  • Carefully CUT around the entirety of your desired steed, leaving it connected to the circular base. The two triangles extending from the base should also be left on and attached to both the circular base and the steed.
  • FOLD the paper along the two seams of each triangle where they attach to the steed, folding so that the outer surface bears the image.
  • GLUE the two mirrored sides of the steed together. I recommend applying glue to one side and then squeezing them together while taking care to line them up.
  • Optionally, dice the MANE with your scissors and style it like in the photo above! This works better if you cut one mirrored side’s mane off so it is not so thick nor reinforced with glue.

After these steps you will have a free-standing paper horse figurine! Now all it needs is a name and a fun quirk from above. You can use the Variants PDF to custom-color them, or you might even print out the “Line Art” PDF layer and really customize your own steed.

Of course, many of us play digitally (especially at this point in history) so I have included some simple tokens as a bonus, should you enjoy the art style and want to use them on your virtual tabletop.

Will you give the papercraft a shot, or are you keen to use the tokens? In the very near future I will also add these to the Token Editor, so please stay tuned for even more customization options.


We will deliver the download links to your email address, which include printable PDFs and digital files. You can choose which pack you would like below. Note: The Telambar Stables printable PDF is included in the Horse Figurines & Tokens item!

Are you interested in some of my other horse tokens or horse-related art? Here are a few more hand-picked items for you…

Check out our complete gallery of maps & assets here →

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