A Colony, Contaminated – Ankheg Forest & Cave Encounter for D&D 5E

A colony of ankheg have been attacking the local woodcutters. But what has caused their aggression and can the party solve the problem?

Troy McConnell

To Graven Grotto – Deep Ocean Monster Encounter for D&D 5E

A sea hag has overtaken a hidden pirate grotto and filled it with her undead and monstrous, oceanic minions.

Troy McConnell

The Colossal Crab

A crab token so large that it’s considered terrain! This monster might be a friendly guardian, a natural disaster, or somewhere in-between…

Ross McConnell

Menaces in the Muck – Swamp and River Creatures for D&D 5E

A reclusive swamp fisherman and 7 swamp variant creatures, from lycanthropes, to elementals, to a behir. Which one will the characters face?

Troy McConnell

Fear in Frost – Ice Elemental Creatures for D&D 5E

5 ice elemental creatures and a battlefield scarred by an encounter with them. Do they still lurk nearby, waiting for your players?

Troy McConnell

Introducing the NEW Token Editor

Browse and edit over 1000 character tokens, creature tokens, and monster tokens designed for the virtual tabletop.

Reuben Farley

Mushrooms, Moss, and Monsters – Forest Mushroom Creatures for D&D 5E

Mushroom and forest creatures lurk between the trees, waiting for your party. Will they find the rot colossus, the slog, or maybe an ooze?

Troy McConnell

Scorn of the Sands, Part 2: The Desert Town of Brightwater

A town near the edge of a desert that is preparing to come under attack. Can the party help put an end to the yearly siege?

Troy McConnell

Scorn of the Sands, Part 1: Hitir Desert Giants

A nomadic clan of desert giants, with 3 different creature stat blocks and their long history with the desert and its vengeful spirit.

Troy McConnell

Gal’varen’s Legion – Skeleton Variants for D&D 5E

A necromancer and her 10 unique skeleton creatures for use in D&D 5E. Can your party handle these strange new undead?

Troy McConnell