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A snail the size of a castle, with a small house and garden upon its sturdy shell.

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Colossal Snail - Hermitage - Round Shell - Whole - 22x16 copy

Rootyful is the artist to thank for this beautiful creature and all the mini-battle-maps that rest on its back! If you want to surprise your players, having this behemoth emerge from within its boulder-looking shell would be an excellent way to do it.

David has even provided some nasty parasite tokens so that your players can have an excuse to battle upon the snail without battling against the snail. Perhaps the encounter ends with a new friend and player base? <3

So, what sort of powers might a huge, ancient snail have? Probably a long, slow, trample for anyone foolish to let it catch up… Oh, and you can’t go wrong with eye-beams!

Whatever you use this great snail for (and we hope you share your ideas in the comments) we hope that it will serve you well. 🙂

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