Bring the Sewer Map Tiles to life with this comprehensive asset pack, containing debris, bridges, and decorations of all sorts. Transform your watery tunnels into a thieves guild, bug nest, or alligator den!

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Whoever is unwelcome on the streets may make their home in the tunnels below. You might grab the Bandit Camp Assets and combine them with the wooden platforms and alcoves to create such a settlement, suitable for thieves and outcasts. No doubt they use the sewers to move secretively through the city, evade the law, and deal in black-market wares.

Besides humanoids, the sewers can be home to other forgotten specters. Using our spooky fog, you might insert such a spirit. Can you imagine a banshee inhabiting the tunnels below where you sleep, audible from every drain in the city, throughout the night?

Another common sight in fantasy sewers are infestations of all kinds, and we have a few options for those too. We have brilliant red webs-and-eggs for insectoids and alien beings, foliage to make mundane creatures feel at home, and some bright-eyed alligators.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities! I’d love to collect your ideas too, so please leave them in the comments.

Untouched By The Sun

The unnerving darkness was nothing compared to the physical effect of the smell. The stink of rot, detritus, and waste buildup permeated from the central channel to fill the tunnels. It clung to the stone walls and floor in a slick muck and poisoned the adventurer’s lungs. Their only reprieve was the smoke of their torch, which cast a shifting orange hue through their immediate vicinity. Zaya, the muscle-bound swordswoman, led the way, apparently more resistant than her two companions. Her tribe’s years traveling the Obaarian tar fields must have irreparably muted her sense of smell. Or maybe it was just her characteristic lack of facial expression, Vera thought.
The three traveled up a gradual incline through the arched tunnels, following closely within Zaya’s light. Alec held close to his large companion, dancing an anxious flame between his fingertips. Vera was a step behind, struggling to stay on guard against the idea of how much cleaning her monk garments would require. Eventually, the tunnel brought them to a crossroads.
Scanning the options with their torch’s light revealed nothing. Each direction was the same as the last: a channel of clotted masses collected under hanging webs, extending into darkness. The city above was expansive, with a sewer system just as large. Their quarry was close, but that was all they could be sure of.
Zaya exhaled with a frustrated grunt. Alec flinched slightly at the sound, growing more agitated with each passing minute. Vera was, above all, bored. She rested her weight on her wooden bo staff, dextrously rolling a single ball bearing in her free hand.
Between the three, in the center of the crossroads, was a larger mound of refuse. The disgusting, wet brown was dotted with shards of bone, discarded food, and… fur? Just barely peeking through the surface was a patch of matted, grey hair. Curious and impatient, Vera tossed the ball bearing at it.
Alec and Zaya turned to watch a metal orb arc gracefully through the putrid air, shining in the torchlight. It collided with the exposed fur and fell to the stone with a sharp clink. The mound twitched, then shuffled. A cubic foot of the waste dislodged from the ground, cracking and loosening from its slumber. As it rose, one end flicked to face Vera, its black, beaded eyes reflecting the torch’s amber glow. Below them opened a mouth of jagged fangs that released a spine-chilling, screeching wail.
For all its ear-piercing pitch, the creature’s battle cry was drowned entirely by the horrified screaming of its opponents. A flurry of darts and bolts of flame barraged its form as the tunnel filled with the smell of ash and echoes of panicked shrieks. Their shouts were cut off, much like the rodent’s lower half, by the guillotining impact of Zaya’s sword. She looked to them. They were accustomed to her face being twisted in rage, but this expression of fearful overreaction was new. Her teammates began to smile at the sheer absurdity. Their smiles faded when the rest of the waste mounds began to squeal and swarm.
Somewhere above, pairs of guards and groups of townspeople shared inquisitive looks. Distant shouting slipped out of sewer entrances near them, disturbing the otherwise peaceful streets. They quickly ignored the ruckus, either uncaring or unaware of the storm of fire, fists, and blades erupting beneath their feet.
And from the shadows, just inches out of the light, the group’s true objective hung from the ceiling and watched on with eight gleaming, red eyes.

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

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Published: September 21, 2019

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