Crime and Slime – Sewer Ooze Encounter for D&D 5E

Strange new ooze variants have filled a thief hideout in the city sewers. What can these new slimes do, and where have the thieves gone?

Troy McConnell

The Sewer Hideout Battle Map

Introducing our 16×22 Sewer Hideout battle map, a ramshackle base hidden in the tunnels below the city streets.

Ross McConnell

New Dungeon Wall & Floor Assets!

65 new hand-drawn map assets, including dungeon-themed walls, doors, stairs, rubble, and floor textures! Now with CSP ribbon brushes.

Ross McConnell

Asen’s Sprawling Sewer Map

Asen Stoyanov’s custom-made sewer map is so large that it spills over the edge of the table. Download the map and the assets that made it inside.

Ross McConnell

Sewer Map Assets

Bring the Sewer Map Tiles to life with this comprehensive asset pack, containing debris, bridges, and decorations of all sorts. Transform your watery tunnels into a thieves guild, bug nest, or alligator den!

Ross McConnell

Sewer Map Tiles

Build a sewer map with our hand-drawn map tiles. These four tiles are free to download (thanks to our Patrons) and are printable and VTT-friendly!

Ross McConnell