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A five-storey Ōshiro, or Japanese-style castle. It is not just a formidable defensive structure but an artistic marvel, and serves as a secure home to a dignified daimyo lord and his most esteemed guests.
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Japanese Castle Oshiro battle map - Banner

When I released my Japanese Castle (grounds) I mentioned that I would one day draw the interior. Well, today is the day it is complete! This is easily the largest, most complex, most researched building I have ever drawn, and it has been very rewarding to work on.

Our castle is based on a number of real-life Japanese castles which I had the wonderful experience of exploring in 2016. Knowing then that I would one day draw one, I made sure to take all the reference photos that I could! Chiefly this is based on the Himeji and Matsumoto castles, but also has influences from Ghost of Tsushima – especially the furnishings.

I’ve stuck very religiously to the historical floor plans that I collected, but I have no doubt that there are inconsistencies. Though that may bother me, hey, it’s a fantasy battle map at the end of the day! Who knows what those fantasy architects were thinking. 😉

Does your world have space for a Japanese castle? Who might live there, and how might you contrive a reason for a battle to take place on this map? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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