Kami of the Castle – Japanese Castle Encounter

A kami has free rein over Castle Ishiyama and has animated o-yoroi armors and kimonos. But what does it really want?

Troy McConnell

The Japanese Furniture Map Assets

Create your own battle maps with 145 map assets inspired by the furniture and decorations of feudal-era Japan, the age of the samurai!

Ross McConnell

The Japanese Castle Battle Maps

A detailed, hand-drawn battle map of a 5-floor (plus roof) Ōshiro, or Japanese Castle, the commanding home and fortress of a local lord.

Ross McConnell

Jenni Brings the Japanese Castle Battle Map to Life

The Japanese Castle battle map has several distinct elevation levels, and Jenni’s foam core construction will help you visualize them.

Ross McConnell

Mountain Monastery Map

This map was a personal challenge to mimic an authentic watercolor painting style, and I think we just about did it. Obviously, it’s far from perfect, but it has character, and I stretched my skills trying to make it so. Those two things are what I aim for with each map, so I’ll count this

Ross McConnell