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This week, we celebrate Inku No Neko’s incredible expansion of one of our beloved 2-Minute Tabletop maps which they have cleverly (And very successfully) expanded to fit the needs of their campaign! Credit to Ross for the original!

Get ready to be inspired! With maps ranging between 51×23 and 51×41, Inku No Neko has transformed a classic 2-Minute Tabletop map into a sprawling adventure hub, complete with a captivating storyline and helpful details.

So thanks again to Inku No Neko for sharing their seamless and flawlessly made expansion to this quaint village, this expansion will undoubtedly spark imaginations and enhance countless campaigns. You can support Inku No Neko by this link to find them on a variety of platforms!

From Inku No Neko:

Niho no Kariudo is a sandbox-style campaign, where players play members of the “kariudo” guild, an organization dedicated to hunting down and/or solving all incidents caused between Yokai (creatures from Japanese folklore) and the inhabitants of Niho. At the beginning of the campaign, they were assigned as a special mission to manage and protect a small coastal village called Hyakushima, in Onihama, one of the most dangerous and wild regions of Niho. Upon arriving at the village, it was plagued with problems, from a Drider controlling the villagers, to a giant crab sinking boats in the bay, to giant snails devouring the harvest. For each contribution that the players make to the town, new functionalities are unlocked (deep sea fishing, harvesting, etc.). Being in charge of the village, the players receive a monetary amount in the form of taxes that are collected for each month in the game, these taxes are deducted from the number of inhabitants and the infrastructures developed in the village.

With the money collected during their hunting missions and from the taxes, players can build different types of improvements in the village, such as finishing the stockade to protect civilians from monster attacks, a guild branch where they can live and hire other Kariudo, a forge or a new farm. New businesses attract people to the village, increasing the population and by default the number of houses, increasing the number of amenities such as varied foods or new tools, translates into a higher standard of living and more taxes collected.

Some of the infrastructures require special NPCs that players meet and recruit during their missions outside the town, such as the blacksmith Sango, the cherry blossom goddess Sakura or the ronin Itachi.

Currently the state of the village can be summarized in this way (in parentheses it is described what each improvement offers):

  • Standard of living: Modest, 30gp per month per person
  • Temple treatment: 50gp and 7-30 days of rest
  • Elapsed time: 10 months (autumn-winter)
  • Town taxes: 525 gp per month
  • Total village wealth: 700 gp
  • Hyakushima Town Status: Modesto
  • Population: 203 inhabitants”

– Inku No Neko


Title & QuantityDescription
10 Guards“Trained” Villagers
10 Kariudo3 Archers, 3 Swordsmen, 2 Warriors, 2 Kyuso
ItachiNPC (No description given)
EruNPC (No description given)
2 Cherry Samurai

Town infrastructure

  • Crop fields (resource: rice,?)
  • Cattle (10 cattle 2 bulls) (resource: milk, meat) (10 inhabitants) (20 gp per month)
  • Port with lighthouse (maritime trade) (30gp monthly) (10 inhabitants), major fishing (resource: Fish, Nori seaweed) (30gp monthly)
  • Lumber Camp (resource: wood) (25gp per month)
  • Distillery (resource: sake) (10gp monthly)
  • Water mill (resource: flour?) (10gp monthly)
  • Palisade (security)
  • Kariudo Guildhouse (30 inhabitants) (50gp per month)
  • Blacksmithing (resource: item creation)
  • Spirit Crystal Mine (100 inhabitants) (250gp per month)
  • Spiritual Cherry Tree Square (Detection of Evil Creatures)
  • Basan Corral (resource: High quality chicken, XXL eggs) (10 inhabitants) (30gp per month) (to be built)
  • Keku the Kenku Curiosity Shop (resource: rare items ???) (2 inhabitants) (10gp per month)

– Inku No Neko

Village Products

Nori Seaweed2cp/pound
Rice Flour2cp/pound
Spiritual Minerals1gp/pound
Prices added by the article author for convenience

“The town has been growing organically as the players have met new NPCs and improved what they consider necessary. The first map is the state in which the village was at the beginning of the campaign, the second level is presented after the players had built the guild house (the largest in the village in the center), the population increased by a through solving the problems with the crops and the port, and finally finishing fixing the stockade that protects the center of the village. The third level came some time later, when they built a spiritual crystal mine on the side of a nearby mountain, met a rancher with a herd of cattle willing to move to the town, and improved trade relations with nearby towns in the region. Basically the map improves every time there is a substantial increase in population, in these two years of departure Hyakushima has gone from having less than 50 inhabitants to more than 200 in approximately 10 months in game.”
– Inku No Neko


You can use the button above to download Inku No Neko’s Coastal Town Expansion Maps, and I have listed many of the map asset packs used below. You can also find many more on our Map Gallery.


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