The Acid Cave Map

A 44×32 cave map featuring a vast pool of acid for your player characters to avoid as they jump between narrow stone platforms…

Ross McConnell

The Onsen (Hot Springs) Battle Map

A 64×22 map of Japanese-style onsen (hot springs) lining a calm river and surrounded by vibrant green trees.

Ross McConnell

The River Fort Battle Map

A palisade fort on the bank of a river – a 32×44 battle map with plenty of space for combat, probably filled with bandits or other baddies!

Ross McConnell

The Timber Brook Battle Map

My latest 44×32″ forest battle map. The Timber Brook features a stream, campsite, and tactical cover in the form of logs and bushes.

Ross McConnell

Menaces in the Muck – Swamp and River Creatures for D&D 5E

A reclusive swamp fisherman and 7 swamp variant creatures, from lycanthropes, to elementals, to a behir. Which one will the characters face?

Troy McConnell

River Rapids Battle Map

Please let me introduce you to our latest map, the River Rapids. This map features a vibrant color scheme, some large rock faces fit for a campsite, and a collection of boulders that might serve as a bridge.

Ross McConnell