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An extra long, 64×22 battle map of four quiet hot springs on the banks of a frolicking river…

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Onsen Hot Springs - Full banner preview

This map is directly inspired by a place close to my heart, squeezed down into a reasonably-sized battle map so that your characters too can enjoy it. Onsen are the ultimate place to rest sore muscles and weary bones. I recommend granting your party something like a Song of Rest if they spend some time here!

The image above is cropped in, but below is a more accurate representation of the full battle map… And we’ve got rooftops, too!

Is this the site of a secret gathering, where underhanded business takes place in the privacy of the baths? Perhaps it’s just time for the hot springs episode of your campaign? I’d love to hear your other (better) ideas in the comments!

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Ross McConnell

DM, aspiring artist, and founder of 2-Minute Tabletop! I love drawing, writing, and worldbuilding, and this is the website where all of it comes together.

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  1. I actually really need a hot springs map and haven’t found a good one anywhere, but I can’t figure this one out. Where’s the front desk where you pay and check in? Where are the changing rooms? Why can you see the bathing area from the river and bridge? Is the left side supposed to be for men and the right side for women? Does that mean you actually have to pass through the area for one sex before getting to the other? What’s with the south one then? Couldn’t you just walk up to the south area without paying since it connects to an outside road? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    1. This is based on a mixed gender onsen I live near to and am very familiar with. The open plan and natural sight lines are quite deliberate, with the exception of the top-right pool, which is reserved for women. The changing rooms you’re looking for are the interiors with shelves and baskets in the center of the map and top-right. As in its real life counterpart, the area can be approached from at least two check-in locations off the map, but I did not care to draw those. I hope that helps, Ben!

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