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The hills are ablaze with autumnal tundra as far as the eye can see. This spot – next to a small, icy stream – seems like a good place to camp…

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Painted Tundra - Autumn - Day - 22x16 - Banner - Large

Vladir Winters drew deeply from the Well of Inspiration for this one, basing it closely on their beloved Alaskan tundra. Passion is all through this map, and the vibrant, grounded colors are sure to impress your players too!

The battle map is a highly detailed 22×16 space carved up by a prominent stream, some large grey boulders, and thick foliage all about. Anything could be lurking here, perhaps approaching for a drink, or perhaps approaching the scent of delicious adventurers…

Does your world have a place where the Painted Tundra might fit? In lieu of tundra, this map would be right at home in the fey wild, or some other enchanted shrub land. We’d love to hear of your plans and ideas below!

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