The Forest Camp Battle Map

A small campsite hidden deep in the forest. This 44×32 battle map has plenty of space for stealth, ambush, and ranged combat!

Ross McConnell

The Bamboo Glade Battle Map

A battle map imagined as the atmospheric backdrop for an encounter between two noble samurai, be it a battle of swords or haiku…

Ross McConnell

The Lakeside Camp Battle Map

A serene battle map just as suitable for a picnic as it is for an encounter with whatever lives in the neighboring lake, swamp, or forest!

Ross McConnell

The Timber Brook Battle Map

My latest 44×32″ forest battle map. The Timber Brook features a stream, campsite, and tactical cover in the form of logs and bushes.

Ross McConnell

The FAIRY GLADE Forest Battle Map

A large-scale, hand-drawn 44×32″ forest battle map saturated with tall trees, deep greens, and a whimsical magic…

Ross McConnell

The ROCK POOLS Battle Map

A battle map depicting a rocky coastline and its sparkling rock pools, complete with a natural stone platform fit for a showdown.

Ross McConnell

The Edge of the Woods Battle Map

A path leads into a gloomy forest. This battle map suggests that it’s a remarkable forest, deserving of an appropriately dangerous encounter!

Ross McConnell

The Dusnak Swamp

Welcome to the Dusnak, an impenetrable swamp famous for its colorful lizardfolk clans, and designed to be easily added to your campaign!


The Forest Treetop Map Assets

Our new and improved hand-drawn forest treetop assets. With these, you can make your own forested battle maps with ease.

Ross McConnell

The Sacred Spring Battle Map

A 16×22″ fantasy battle map depicting a well of magical water in the heart of a vast and ancient forest. What a tourist trap!

Ross McConnell