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A stream bubbles gently into a wide lake, home to an orchestra of frogs and a galaxy of fireflies. What harm could find you in a place as peaceful as this?

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Lakeside Camp battle map - Banner - Small

When it came time to draw map #3 this month I found that my printer had suddenly given up the ghost, depriving me of a printed grid or a digital draft of any kind. When I’m reduced to a blank sheet of paper like that I like to fall back on natural scenes, where grids don’t matter and the shapes are endlessly malleable. Besides, they’re my favorite things of all to draw! 

As this particular map evolved it became a sort of throwback to another of my earliest maps, the Shingle Shore. I specially designed this one to offer a stealthy route for assailants – bushy concealment all the way from the woods to the campsite. Don’t get too wrapped up in the view, PCs!

Do any encounter ideas come to your mind? What sort of creature(s) might live in this region? How do people in your world deal with mosquitos? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. 🙂

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DM, aspiring artist, and founder of 2-Minute Tabletop! I love drawing, writing, and worldbuilding, and this is the website where all of it comes together.

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  1. Recently did a campaign with your "Menaces in the Muck – Swamp and River Creatures for D&D 5E" assets and content as a springboard to draft an adventure on top of and it was a huge success! I did plan for mosquitos in that one, with rolls for checks against contracting minor (or scarier, if really low rolls) diseases from bites, but the boatman Julien Cormier sold homemade repellent made from mud and herbs, a bluish nasty paste, which everyone wore (my Sorcerer was only willing to smear it on her robes, but I allowed that the stink was enough to keep them safe that way), and everyone bought extra in case of falling in the water and losing a coat of repellent, so bites never came up. I decided to do fishing on the boat as a way to fill out the ride from A to B, and when my sorcerer friend rolled a Nat 1 for catch I couldn't help but trigger an encounter with a massive swamp gator she hooked! The surprise bite nearly did her in, and the boat nearly capsized as the gator threw its big body halfway over the side to bite, but everyone rushed to her aid really heroically, and it was probably my favorite encounter of the whole campaign, including the boss at the end! That boat jetty and creatures you guy put out really ballooned into a great adventure for us, so thanks for always putting out such fun stuff!! 🙂

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