Boiling acid flows freely through a mess of subterranean tunnels.
It’s probably best that you don’t breathe too deeply…

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Acid Cave map - Large preview

I began this cave map with the vague idea of “jumping puzzle.” I drew the central entry/exit tunnel and it’s to-and-fro walkway, and then branched left and right via the oddly-spaced stone pillars.

Each jump is about 10 feet at maximum, feasible to most athletic characters with a good run-up – but where will they get their run up once should they hesitate atop a platform? Throw in some enemies to threaten opportunity attacks, tempt your players to stop and fight, and then watch them squirm when they don’t have space for that run-up. (Am I growing too evil?)

The Acid Cave also comes with a friendly ‘Water Cave’ variant, in case you’re interested in the jumping puzzle without the peril! There are also some wild and wonderful variants in the Acid Cave Pack that you can peek at below.

So, what monster would live here anyway? I’d love to hear your encounter ideas below! I’m thinking of acid-proof slugs that like to leave behind a slippery trail all over those platforms. “You leap nimbly to the other side! Now, give me a Dexterity saving throw…” (Yep, I’m definitely growing too evil…)

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  1. Hey! This map is absolutely ideal for the encounter I'm planning to run soon – I absolutely love the idea of jumping puzzle mechanics fitting into combat to spice up player (and monster!) decisions.

    However, I clocked the downloads don't include the usual PDF version you provide with the grid overlaid, only JPGs, is that intentional?

      1. Ah, that tool is indeed a lot more flexible, I love it!
        Unfortunately I am having a little trickiness with it – no matter what map I load in, it just gives me a blank white page when I go to print/save to DPF. Any ideas?!

        Worst comes to the worst I could just printscreen from the map tool, but there’s inevitably some loss of resolution (weirdly I DM in PowerPoint, so I won’t actually be printing any of these)

      2. Never mind, figured it out! I needed to tick ‘background graphics’, I have no idea what that is/does but it is all working now woop woop!

        Feel free to tune on in on tonight around 6:15pm if you’d like to see your lovely hard work getting used – I give you a shout out at the start of every game!

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