Let’s Draw Caves

Join me as I try and explain my cave-battle-map-drawing-method using actual English words. This is the first episode in my new, laid-back, “Let’s Draw” tutorial series, where I talk through how I go about drawing my battle maps. It’s been too long!



Watch on YouTube for hyperlinked shortcuts:

4:02 Define your outline (pencil touches paper)
4:11 Draw the wall-ground line
4:57 Draw the wall cross-section line
6:10 Detail your cave wall
10:32 Detail your cave floors

13:17 An alternate style (my old method)
16:25 How I draw stalagmites
17:50 – Stalagmites method 1
18:14 – Stalagmites method 2
19:40 How I draw rubble


I have been travelling a lot recently and the lack of a dedicated filming space has stopped me from committing to making videos. My solution now is to just make the best out of whatever space (and time) I have, but that is done at the price of quality.

As I go I plan to rectify whatever issues present themselves, such as the poor audio quality here (fear not, a portable microphone is on my shopping list!) So, please leave your feedback below! For now, I hope you still find these valuable in some way.

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