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Block 82 is an adventure setting in the middle of a major human city, specifically written for Mausritter but adaptable to other games. Here, cultured mice scrabble and scavenge just out of sight of human society.

In the middle of a human city, there sits a century-old theater. Years of renovations have left holes and hidden places, and these are the places that a group called the Theater Mice call home. From their secret perches in the rafters they watch the human’s films, learning about the wider world from them.

Before we get deeper into it, Mausritter is a “sword-and-whiskers” roleplaying game. You play mice in a huge, dangerous world. It’s got a lovely card-based inventory system, quick character creation, and interesting magic. And best of all, the digital version is pay-what-you-want! You can pick it up for yourself here: https://losing-games.itch.io/mausritter

The Theater

Though the giants call it The Grand Dame, the mice simply know it as the Theater. It is a marble-fronted building, three stories tall. The first two floors contain the lobby and the theater proper, while the third is used for storage. A rusty metal marquee hangs off the front of the building.

The Roof

Crypt, crow leader. Crypt has little respect or patience for the mice but is at least willing to hear them out as long as they stay well away from the sacred square. Crypt knows sacred songs that let him see the future. Specifically, Crypt knows Sight. He also knows Sorrow, but that’s less impressive-sounding.

The Vents

The only access from the Attic to the Roof is a complicated series of vents. Air blows up these periodically, and a clever mouse can use the drafts to aid their climbing. If the mice attempt to climb without riding the drafts, they’ll need to make a DEX save, however the only thing at stake is time. If they do decide to use the drafts, remember, clever plans don’t need to roll.

The Attic

Above the theater is a rarely-used storage area where the Theater Mice make their home. The settlement is largely built out of popcorn bags and pieces of cardboard, repurposed into a comfortable home.

Butterball, merchant. Butterball is a blond-furred mouse who lives in a house made of butter packaging. Butterball is a clever mouse, and spends much of his time making things from what others salvage— Bows made of rubber bands and coffee stirrers, that sort of thing. Any of the standard equipment is available from Butterball at the prices listed in the main book at the listed price. He’s a simple mouse.

Orin, fungus farmer. Orin takes care of the mushrooms that grow on the wood near the front of the building. He’s a quiet boy and often wears his spore mask even when he’s not working.

Rue Lorenz, gatherer. Rue is a skinny mouse who carries a large sack. She spends most of her nights prowling the theater floor, searching for dropped popcorn and snacks.

Blossom Black, ruffian: Blossom is a recent addition to the Theater Mice, from elsewhere in the city. She’s very tough and carries a sword made from a sewing needle.

Lily, test subject. Lily is a skeletal mouse with patchy tan fur. She doesn’t talk much, but she can shoot bolts of energy out of her mouth. She escaped from a laboratory somewhere else in the city. Mechanically, she can cast Magic Missile once per day.

Holiday: Potato Day. Years ago, in the middle of summer, a potato smashed through the attic’s high windows. Enterprising mice managed to hide the potato before the giants came to fix the window, and a great feast was had. Every year, on that day, the mice gather together to discuss the triumphs of the last year.

The Auditorium

In the evenings, the humans pack this place and watch films. Brave mice can find great treasures on the floor between when most of the humans leave and the cleaners show up. Sometimes a circular machine roams this area, vacuuming up precious treasures.

Treasure: A successful search yields enough candies or popcorn for one ration.

The Lobby

Where the staff giants usually are. Plenty of food can be found behind the counter here by any mouse brave enough to venture here and strong enough to bring it back, but they must contend with the fearsome pack of wolf spiders that have claimed the area. There are also strange human devices that hurt mice ears.

Small metal boxes with mouse-sized entrances sit near some of the walls. Something inside smells like delicious food. If a mouse enters, a door slams shut behind it. It can still communicate with mice outside, but it will take some ingenuity to open the door again.

Treasure: Scavenging for popcorn or popcorn oil might escape the notice of the wolf spiders, but any attempt to take the big boxes of candy on the counter will attract the notice of the wolf spiders or worse, the giants.

The Marquee

The rotting, rusting marquee out front used to be inhabited by the mice, but it became too unstable. Unless the party comes up with some clever plan to stabilize the marquee (bracing pieces with chewing gum and shoelaces or something in that vein) every journey into the marquee requires a Luck roll. On a 1, a piece of the marquee gives way and the mouse in question must make a DEX save to avoid harm.

The marquee can be accessed from either the attic or the lobby. Old treasures still sit in there, unable to be retrieved.

Treasures: A “claymore” made from the nail file portion of a pair of nail clippers. (Heavy weapon, both paws, d10 damage)

The Mighty Stag’s Shield: A shield made of a brown beer bottle cap emblazoned with the image of a mighty stag. Two staples have been glued to the back so it can be held. Used by the famed warrior, Cherry Stagshield. (Off paw, prevents 1 damage.)

The Alley

Behind the Theater, prowled by a vain black cat with white paws. She spends a lot of her time grooming herself and, while she’s perfectly happy to eat a mouse, she will let them pass for sufficient offerings and praise.

The Hobby Shop

Across the alley from the Theater is a hobby shop, the sort you’re probably familiar with if you read these kinds of articles. Many kinds of weapons and armor can be found here, but strange ghostly figures lurk here as well. Vengeful spirits of dead mice dressed like warriors from tabletop games can often be seen here, and will often attack intruders… or so the Theater Mice think. In actuality, the hobby shop is occupied by a clan of white-furred mice who have formed a sort of cult dedicated to the figures the giants move. They use their dexterous paws to make armor for themselves out of the craft supplies strewn around the place, and paint them to resemble soldiers seen on the tables.


Under the floor of the Hobby Shop in a forgotten crawlspace sits Mousevania, a mouse settlement built out of wargaming terrain. The Mousevanians seem to have a keen sense of urban design, since Mousevania even includes a park area with fake grass and painted plastic trees. The crown jewel of Mousevania is a large, painted plastic mansion overlooking the park. Unfortunately, somebody glued all the doors closed during construction. It does look quite nice, though!

Yarrow. A robed mouse who often speaks of the Five Colors, which he believes to be the religion of the giants. He’s very knowledgeable about their cardboard-based ritual combat. Yarrow originally hails from a seaside town far away, where he learned dark and ancient wisdoms. He doesn’t know enough to craft new spells, but he can tell the party how spells work, or repair magical weapons… for a price.

Napoleon. A mouse who dresses like Napoleon. Thankfully, he does not affect a bad french accent, but he does try to lead the Hobby Mice in fights, ordering them to fire shoulder to shoulder and the like. Nobody listens.

Truckamon Minere. A mouse wearing a suit of armor, named after the famous character from the Wyvernspear series of novels and RPG adventures. He speaks with a loud, booming voice… for a mouse, anyway.

Hawthorn, Ultramouse. Hawthorn is a tall mouse who wears a set of blue plastic armor bearing omega symbols on both shoulders. He also carries a plastic sword with little teeth on the blade. If this sword does critical damage, the next attack on that target is enhanced and thus does d12 damage.

Oddities Shop

Right beside the theater is a store that specializes in Quirky Goods. Sock puppets, voodoo dolls, talking boards, that sort of thing. They also have their own brand of tea, called Oddi-Teas. Near the center of the shop is a marionette hanging from the ceiling. The marionette has a faerie bound to it, and it uses its powers to control various toys in the store.

Nolmosu, captured faerie. Nolmosu is a being from beyond our reality, who has been bound to a marionette by a human witch. Nolmosu was once used to manipulate people, but now it uses its powers to move the toys stuffed animals of the oddity shop. Unfortunately, its powers are not strong enough to move anything that can resist, or is made out of hard materials.

Nolmosu will protect the shop with lethal force, as it believes that the secret to its release may lay within, but anybody who offers to free it will be heard out.

Nolmosu’s goons:

Each of the animated toys is easy to temporarily dispatch, but an attack from them will do significant damage. Each has 3 HP.

The Bears. Two teddy bears patrol the store at night. One is very large and strong, and the other is barely taller than a mouse, but it carries a knife that is permanently attached to its hand. Big Bear: d8 slam. Little Bear: d6 knife.

Ragged Nicole. A doll of a red-haired girl with button eyes. She attacks by slamming her head onto things. d6 slam.

Socks. Various sockpuppets are strewn around the shop. Nolmosu likes to wrap them around intruders, like a constrictor snake. d4 slam, holds the target in place if it rolls maximum damage.

Treasures: Among the knick-knacks in the store is a Grease spell and a Fear spell.

The Street

In front of the Theater is a busy street, which the humans’ vehicles use all day and night. The sidewalk of the street is lined with trees. The tree nearest to the theater (with a branch overhanging the marquee) is home to a small band of squirrels.

The Squirrels: Brave rodents that live in the trees out front. They have an eternal feud with the crows.

Chit-chit, squirrel warrior. Chit-chit is a brave squirrel who carries a hobby knife that he uses like a spear. The hobby knife does d10 damage and needs both paws to wield.

Skitter, squirrel messenger: Skitter is a fast, acrobatic squirrel with a flecked brown coat. She carries messages throughout the neighborhood in exchange for pips, and is considered a friend to everyone but the crows.

Treasures: A golden chain from a necklace, stolen from the crows long ago.

An Invisibility spell.

A bottle cap cut and bent to make a decent throwing weapon, which does d8 damage but needs to be retrieved after each throw.

A shard of glass with the wide part wrapped in tape, effectively a dagger. It does d6 damage but is nice and shiny.


The oddity shop is haunted (True, by a faerie bound to a marionette)

The Hobby Shop is haunted (False, the mice there are just weird)

The Oddities Store is haunted (True, this one’s haunted.)

The Alley Cat is a merciless hunter (False, she can be bribed with food.)


Block 82 is an independent production by 2-Minute Tabletop and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party License.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.


Here are a few “mousefolk” character tokens from the team that you may enjoy, as well as a small selection of maps and assets that might be useful for a Mausritter setting. You might like to use some of our building maps like regional maps!

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Former esports wannabe, current TTRPG streamer and TTRPG creator interviewer. I like science fiction and I have a soft spot for licensed tabletop RPGs. You can find all the campaigns I'm in and interviews I've done over on YouTube.

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