City Buildings Bundle 1


This map pack offers five maps for the price of four. It contains:

The AlchemistThe BlacksmithGeneral Goods StoreHallowed HallTranquil Temple

The Alchemist

A staggering mixture of scents assault your nose as you step inside the dimly lit Alchemy shop. The shopkeep grunts without looking up from his papers as you walk by, taking in the kaleidoscope of vials glinting throughout the room.


The Blacksmith

The clash of hammer on metal on anvil rings through the city, leading you to its source. You follow the winding streets to a stout building, with an equally stout and blackened dwarf standing over a blazing forge. He leaves his work, looks your dented, corroded, bloodstained plate up and down, and  lets out a deep sigh.


General Goods Store

You unfold your shopping list, taking special care to not let the trailing paper drag over the damp cobblestone. Arrows, nails, waterskins, wineskins, a ten-foot pole... You step inside the dusty store and George the shopkeep jumps awake, muttering a greeting and squinting against the light flowing in behind you. The door slams shut and he winces.


Hallowed Hall

The paladin pushes his weight against the towering doors, and they groan open. A fine dust clouds in the sunlight, and mice scatter squeeking. He steps into the musty hall and his gaze falls upon the hewn stone statue in the center of the room. It stands eternal, just as he remembered it.


Tranquil Temple

The steeple bell echoes through the streets, rousing the villagers from their homes to gather in the tall stone building. You follow the chattering crowd, minding the children skipping by and the frail man moving half the speed of everyone else. You soon arrive at the oaken doors and stand to wait for the rest of the party. Where has the rogue got to?


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A collection of hand drawn, modular buildings with which to populate your town. Each building can be mixed and matched in some way with the others, including those in future City Buildings packs, leading to many unique combinations.

Each map comes with a JPG or PNG optimized for Roll20, as well as PDFs designed for printing in black & white or color, and with several grid options, including gridless.
– To see how the grid options are applied, please refer to the Printing Guide
– For a how-to on set piece assembly, please watch our Assembly Tips

Please note:
These map packs mirror those available on the Roll20 Marketplace and may contain maps available for free in the Free Map Pack.