City Buildings Bundle 2

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This map pack offers five maps for the price of four. It contains:

Trusty Tavern, Little Library, Adored Abode, Delightful Dwelling, Rustic Residence

Trusty Tavern

A ragtag group of strangers sit at the same dark corner table. A waitress collects their order, but they will not be eating this night, for an old man barges through the tavern door shouting "A quest! A quest!"


Little Library

You follow the directions of the barmaid to a compact building tucked away in the corner of town. Its paint is faded, and the door groans as you open it. Inside you find shelves after shelves lined with books, lit by dusty sun shafts streaming down from a skylight above. An old man lifts himself on wobbly knees from an armchair and hurries over to shake your hand.



Adored Abode

The pickpocket is swift as the wind and you struggle to keep chase. You watch him hurdle a cart of cabbages and dart down a suburban street. You crash through the cart, sending cabbages sprawling. A muffled cry follows you as you blaze after the thief. He jumps again, this time passing soundlessly through an open house window. You burst through the door, splinters fly, and you find him trapped between a locked back door and yourself.



Delightful Dwelling

You step into the well lit dining room and breath in the spicey scent wafting from a bubbling pan. You ease into a dining chair and await your supper, feet aching from several days journeying.


Rustic Residence

The wrinkled lady waits for you all to enter and eases the door closed behind you, snapping the locks and latches back in their place. She shuffles hastily across the room to the stove, humming all the way, where she collects a whistling kettle and brings it to four waiting cups. It seems you were expected.


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A collection of hand drawn, modular buildings with which to populate your town. Each building can be mixed and matched in some way with the others, including those in my other City Buildings packs, leading to many unique combinations.

Each map comes with a JPG or PNG optimized for Roll20, as well as PDFs designed for printing in black & white or color, and with several grid options, including gridless.
– To see how the grid options are applied, please refer to the Printing Guide
– For a how-to on set piece assembly, please watch our Assembly Tips

Please note:
These map packs mirror those available on the Roll20 Marketplace and may contain maps available for free in the Free Map Pack.