Adored Abode


The pickpocket is swift as the wind and you struggle to keep chase. You watch him hurdle a cart of cabbages and dart down a suburban street. You crash through the cart, sending cabbages sprawling. A muffled cry follows you as you blaze after the thief. He jumps again, this time passing soundlessly through an open house window. You burst through the door, splinters fly, and you find him trapped between a locked back door and yourself.



This package contains:

  • The pictured set piece, in color and black & white versions, with the following grid options:
    • Gridless
    • Square, black, white or blurred
    • Hexagonal, black, white or blurred
  • The pictured set piece, colored, layered, and in a format optimized for Roll20 and other virtual table tops

To see how the grid options are applied, check out our Printing Guide
Likewise, for a how-to on set piece assembly, here’s a link to our Assembly Tips